Carmelo Ezpeleta believes MotoGP will be interesting even without Rossi and Marquez

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After checking Marc Marquez condition, Dr Sanchez Dalmau announced the results. He said Marquez had diplopia which was not as severe as last year.

However, Marquez will miss several races. At the Argentine GP, which was held in early April 2022, the racer numbered 93 will certainly not appear. The Repsol Honda team also seems to have to accept the possibility that Marquez will be absent for the next 2-3 months.

There are allegations that Marc Marquez could only return to asphalt in mid-May during the French GP at the Le Mans Circuit. If this is true, then the 29-year-old racer will not compete in Argentina, Austin, Portimao and Jerez.

Without Marc Marquez, of course MotoGP will lose one of its stars. Responding to this, Carmelo Ezpeleta as the boss of Dorna who organizes MotoGP remains confident that fans can continue to enjoy the Grand Prix.

1. Carmelo Ezpeleta wishes Marc Marquez a speedy recovery

Marc Marquez is suffering from diplopia again. Even so, the condition of this injury is not as bad as before. Carmelo Ezpeleta hopes Marc Marquez can recover soon.

Diplopia doesn’t affect Marc as badly as it did in October. I hope he can drive again soon. Maybe he will try at Portimao on 24 April. However, it looks like it could be longer than that, said Ezpeleta as quoted by Speedweek .

2. Marc Marquez still has a chance to win the title

Without Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda could lose the chance to win the world title. However, this season is still long, there are a total of 21 grand prix to be held. The opportunity to win the title can be open to anyone.

(World title) it will also depend on the results obtained by other drivers. If every rider only gets one win, Marc can still compete for the title if he can be consistent, said the Dorna boss, quoted by Speedweek.

3. Marc Marquez needs consistency

Marc Marquez could have imitated Joan Mir strategy when he won the world title in 2020. Armed with consistency, even though he only won once, Mir could collect the most points.

I hope Marc can race again in Portimao. If he achieves good results there, he has a chance to get the top spot in 2022. I don’t know if he can win or not. However, if he can fight to win every race, he can be in a position of challenger for the title, said Carmelo.

4. Dorna is not worried about losing Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez

Currently, MotoGP has lost its brightest star. Valentino Rossi retired last year, while the future of Marc Marquez is still shrouded in question. Without both, there is an assumption that MotoGP will suffer a setback. Even so, Dorna was not worried.

As promoters of the world championships, we are not affected by that. I think the MotoGP world championship is in fantastic shape. In every session, many riders are within tenths of a second, said the Dorna boss as reported by Speedweek.

5. MotoGP remains an interesting racing event

Carmelo Ezpeleta believes that MotoGP will continue to attract fans’ attention even without the presence of two big stars, The Doctor and The Baby Alien . Regeneration of racers has taken shape and MotoGP is more competitive.

Of course I would prefer it if Rossi and Marquez were with us. However, MotoGP is still interesting even without them, said Carmelo confidently as quoted by Speedweek .

The MotoGP era has changed. Young racers with big names, such as Fabio Quartararo, Joan Mir and Francesco Bagnaia, have had enough time to prove their worth to attract a large number of fans.