Carlo Ancelotti’s Last 5 Champions League Records, Experienced!


Carlo Ancelotti is one of the most experienced coaches in the world. Throughout his managerial career, he has handled many big teams, such as Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, to Real Madrid.

The Italian coach is also one of the most successful in the European Champions League . He collected 3 trophies with 2 different teams, AC Milan and Real Madrid. In 2021/2022, Ancelotti also brought Real Madrid through to the quarter-finals. To see his potential, here are the coach’s last five records in the Champions League.

1. After presenting the La Decima title, Real Madrid were eliminated in the semifinals of 2014/2015
In 2013/2014, Carlo Ancelotti managed to present his 10th title ( La Decima ) for Real Madrid. It was their first Champions League title since they last won in 2001/2002.

With the status of defending champion, Real Madrid was again seeded the following season. They eliminated Liverpool, Schalke and Atletico Madrid before taking on Juventus in the semifinals. Unfortunately, their steps stopped after losing 3-2 on aggregate. It was also the last season Carlo Ancelotti coached Los Blancos.

2. Knocked out in the quarter-finals of 2016/2017, Bayern Munich suffered a setback in the Carlo Ancelotti era
In the summer of 2016, Carlo Ancelotti was appointed Pep Guardiola’s successor at Bayern Munich. In his inaugural season, Ancelotti managed to present the Bundesliga title. Unfortunately, the club’s performance in the Champions League actually declined.

Under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola, Bayern Munich was able to qualify for the semifinals. However, in 2016/2017, Bayern Munich were eliminated by Real Madrid in the quarter-finals 3-6 on aggregate.

3. Carlo Ancelotti’s second season at Bayern Munich was even worse
Carlo Ancelotti’s second season at Bayern Munich was even worse. He was sacked by club management after suffering a 0-3 defeat to Paris Saint-Germain in the group stage. The performance of the former AC Milan coach was considered unsatisfactory throughout his 1.5 years of dealing with the club.

His position was replaced by Jupp Heynckes. Bayern Munich that season he brought to the semifinals. Meanwhile, Ancelotti had time to rest before returning to train with Napoli.

4. Napoli were eliminated in the 2018/2019 group stage
Carlo Ancelotti’s inaugural season at Napoli was quite impressive. He brought Il Partinopei to finish in second place in Serie A. However, his achievements in the Champions League were limited to the group phase.

This is quite understandable, because they are in the bottom group with Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain, and Red Star Belgrade. Napoli finished in third place and dropped into the Europa League. However, their steps stopped in the quarter-finals after being defeated by Arsenal.

5. Eliminated in the last sixteen with Napoli
Carlo Ancelotti last appeared in the 2019/2020 Champions League when he was in charge of Napoli. He brought Il Partinopei to qualify from the group stage as runners-up in Group E behind Liverpool by one point.

In the last sixteen, Napoli met the winners of Group F, Barcelona. In the first leg , the two teams drew 1-1. Meanwhile, in the second leg at Camp Nou, Carlo Ancelotti’s men were unable to do much. They lost by a score of 1-3 and had to be eliminated on an aggregate of 2-4.

Carlo Ancelotti’s experience in the Champions League is unquestionable. However, if we look at the performance of the team he has handled in the last 5 seasons, the coach always seems to have a hard time. This season, he returned to Real Madrid and underwent a difficult mission in the quarter-finals. They have to beat defending champions Chelsea.