Cardi B Reveals Who Her BTS BIAS Is


No one can resist the charm of BTS and rapper Cardi B. The American has a connection with the kpop industry, since, in 2020, she joined the popular band BLACKPINK in the song “Bet You Wanna”. Although she hasn’t collaborated with Bangtan Sonyeondan yet, she has followed in her footsteps and even has her bias .

The interpreter of “WAP” has her ARMY side and has even, on several occasions, shown her interest in collaborating with the Grammy nominees, however, the busy schedules of both have not allowed them to unite their styles in a collaboration. Although they have not managed to finalize anything, she feels an appreciation for all the boys.

Who is Cardi B’s bias in BTS?
Last Friday, July 1, Cardi B launched a fun question and answer session through the hashtag #ASKCardi on Twitter. The rapper received hundreds of questions until one question stole ARMY’s attention, as a fan questioned her: “Who is your bias (favorite member) in BTS ?”, to which she responded with a photo.

It was a portrait of Jimin on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards. The American did not elaborate on why ChimChim is her bias , but, let’s be honest, it is very difficult to resist the idol’s smile and her great talent for dancing. Let’s also not forget his charming songs: “Friends”, “With You” and among others, which reach the hearts of those who listen to them.

It is not the first time that Cardi B shows her love for BTS , in 2021, the rapper conducted an interview with Variety where she mentioned that both she and her daughter Kulture are fans of the South Korean band and even said: “I really like BTS , but Let me tell you something. My daughter loves it. She tells me, ‘Mommy, mommy, put [on] the song.’ And it’s like, I already know what she’s talking about.”

In May of last year, the rapper shared a video of Kultura trying to imitate the choreography that Jungkook, V, RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, and Jin did in the ‘Butter’ video. Without a doubt, a tender scene that many people in the fandom identified with at the time, well, we all want to imitate her steps.