Captain Marvel Review: Entertaining, But Less Exciting


After waiting for 9 months, the last MCU solo film before Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, is finally released.

And of course one of the main reasons why the film starring Brie Larson ( Room ) is so eagerly awaited is for the sake of watching and judging whether Captain Marvel is the right superheroine to help the rest of the superheroes against Thanos (Josh Brolin) in the upcoming Endgame . ?

Is he really as strong as he said? And more importantly, because this film is the first superheroine film in the MCU, whether like its rival , Wonder Woman (2017), this film directed by Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck ( Mississippi Grind) will look as empowering as the film directed by Patty Jenkins ( Monsters). ) is?

Very Entertaining MCU Origin Movies

So, before answering all these questions, let’s first discuss the overall quality of the film. And overall, Captain Marvel is almost the same (even the same) as the previous MCU superhero solo films .

The formula applied is exactly the same as other superhero origin films. But at the same time, despite carrying a simple formula, Captain Marvel is packaged so entertainingly that the film is fun to follow.

The distinguishing value of this film is the nostalgia of the 90s. For those who “lived” in the 90s, this film is full of nostalgia, including its various soundtracks that feel very grunge .

Brie Larson “Okay” As Captain Marvel
This nostalgic and enjoyable feeling is getting more and more excited by the appearance of the entire cast who are okay in playing each character. And yep, including Larson as Captain Marvel.

The star of the film Room (2015), appears very fitting to play this human-Kree hybrid . Even though we can’t close our eyes if many audiences and some fans are skeptical and not happy with the appointment of Larson as the strongest superheroine figure .

In fact, the 29-year-old actress has succeeded in displaying the side of innocence, as well as Danvers’ high curiosity after losing her memory. In addition, his chemistry with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), also feels so fluid and the two are able to balance each other’s slick performances from these two top stars.

Very Standard Villain
Unfortunately, the performance of Jackson and Larson, is not strengthened by the level of the villain . Actually, there is nothing wrong with the performance of the actors who play the villains in this film, they actually appear very slick.

But unfortunately, the character processing in this film is too shallow and has a very “ordinary” motif. For a superhero as strong and complex as Captain Marvel, this villain seems too easy and there’s no challenge that really puts his skills to the test. Well, it ‘s this generic villain motif that ultimately makes the image of the MCU villain that is often considered disappointing to be repeated.

Less Heating

Personally, at the end of the day, Captain Marvel is unfortunately not the kind of film I expected as a “final warm-up” film before welcoming the release of Avengers: Endgame in April 2019.

Fun ? Very. Enjoyable ? very. But, if we judge from the side of the finale before the big finale , well , I can say it’s disappointing. Expectations are high to see a complex film, not only important for the figure of Captain Marvel but for the MCU as a whole not too satisfied in this film.

Besides that, this film does show Carol’s powerful strength, but still her figure is deemed less successful in inspiring female audiences. If I’m being honest here, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is still much more inspiring .

So the conclusion is here: If geeks are Marvel fanboys, of course it’s a must. If geeks just want to have fun , it’s really worth it.

BUT, for geeks who are just curious to know the connectivity side of this film to the entire MCU universe , throw away your expectations. Or do you want something more daring? only enter the cinema at the time of the credit scene . So yep, the power & the decision is in your hands geeks! Decide wisely .