Camila Cabello Becomes Cinderella! The following is a review of the movie “Cinderella” (2021)

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Cinderella is a musical romance movie that tells the story of a tailor girl who dreams of becoming a famous dress-maker. The movie is directed and written by Kay Cannon and releases on August 30, 2021 on Amazon Prime. The movie, which lasts 113 minutes, brings a new nuance to the plot of the story.

The cast includes Camila Cabello (Cinderella), Nicholas Galitzine (Prince Robert), Idina Menzel (Stepmother), Billy Porter (Fairy Godmother), Charlotte Spencer (Stepsister I), and Maddie Bailio (Stepsister II).

Cinderella lives in the basement and works as a maid even though it is her own house. In his room, he works as a tailor or a clothes designer to make a living. His mother and stepsisters treated him very lowly. Cinderella plans an arranged marriage with Thomas if her stepmother is short of money.

One day, the royal soldiers brought news that their crown prince was looking for a partner. So, a massive dance party was held and all the girls from all walks of life were invited. However, when Cinderella wanted to go with her, her stepmother splashed her dress with ink. As a result, he couldn’t go. However, the cocoon that Cinderella took care of turned into a butterfly and turned into a fairy godmother.

The fairy godmother turned Cinderella into a beautiful and different girl so as not to be recognized by her stepmother and sisters. Then, he went to the palace happily. However, the fairy godmother advised him to come home before 12 o’clock at night because his magic would fade.

Arriving at the palace, everyone was amazed, especially the prince. Then, the prince invited her to dance and tour the palace. Until 12 o’clock at night arrived, Cinderella had to hurry back. The clock chimed and he fled the palace by throwing one of his glass slipper.

On the way home, she realized that she was not worthy of being a prince partner and decided to become Quuen Tatiana tailor. So when at the palace, he accidentally met Queen Tatiana and he was amazed to see Cinderella dress. Then, she offered him a job as a dressmaker for an African royal queen.

The next day when Thomas asked Cinderella to marry, he ran away and instead met Prince Robert. The prince asked her to marry him, but Cinderella refused because she wanted to pursue her dream. Inevitably the prince still followed Cinderella and the throne of his kingdom was given to his sister as a leader.

Camila Cabello version of Cinderella has a similar story to the original, but has been added or changed a little to make it different. If you don’t like the drama version of the musical, that normal because in the movie there is a lot of singing and dancing which makes the movie a bit boring. Because this movie is a musical genre, the actors are mostly from singer backgrounds, such as Idina Menzel to James Corden.