Calhanoglu’s excuse for leaving Milan for Inter: Need a new challenge!


Hakan Calhanoglu admits he decided to leave AC Milan for Inter Milan because he needed a new challenge in his football career.

Calhanoglu joined Milan in the summer of 2017. He was recruited from the Bundesliga club, Bayer Leverkusen.

Calhanoglu had a difficult time at Milan. But he later became an important pillar player in the era of Stefano Pioli.

The Turkish player helped Milan rise. He also helped the Rossoneri finish in second place in the 2020-21 Serie A standings.

The reason Calhanoglu left Milan for Inter
AC Milan failed to keep Hakan Calhanoglu in the summer of 2021 due to salary issues. Milan kept trying to persuade him to sign a new contract but failed.

Calhanoglu finally moved to Inter after his contract at the San Siro ended. The 27-year-old then admitted that the reason for moving to the Nerrazurri was because he needed a new challenge and not because of money problems.

“I spent positive seasons at Milan. I still have a lot of friends there,” Calhanoglu told 433 , via Football Italia .

They are a great club, they won the league last season and played in the Champions League.

Calhanoglu Focuses On
Hakan Calhanoglu hints that he understands that his choice to leave AC Milan for Inter Milan has angered many Milan fans. But he didn’t want to think too much about it.

He wants to focus on the future with Inter. He wants to help them continue to win, including against Milan.

“I realized that I made certain choices. But this is life.

“I know that Inter have always been a great team. They often beat Milan in derbies,” he said proudly.
Hakan Calhanoglu has played 12 times for Inter Milan in all competitions. He contributed two goals and three assists so far.

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In response, AC Milan Ultras attack Hakan Calhanoglu and alludes to household problems

Hakan Calhanoglu’s relationship with ultras AC Milan seems to be heating up. Most recently, Milan ultras made a large banner satirizing Calhanoglu’s household case with his wife.

Calhanoglu was once the idol of Milan fans. Because, he defended the Rossoneri for four seasons. However, the situation worsened at the end of the 2020/2021 season when Calhanoglu and Milan were unable to reach a new contract.

Calhanoglu then chose to move to Inter Milan. It didn’t take long for Calhanoglu to quickly become an enemy for Milan fans. Calhanoglu has hurt the feelings of Milan fans by moving to a city rival club.

Cheated Husband
Last weekend, in the derby match, Calhanoglu received a bad reception from Milan fans. Every time he got the ball, the 27-year-old got a ‘boo’ cheer from the stands, especially at the Curva Sud Milan.

Calhanoglu then scored from a penalty in the 11th minute. He celebrated the goal in front of the Milan fan stands. Calhanoglu spread his hands and put them to his ears. Actions that are considered provocative.

Calhanoglu’s celebration had a long tail. Ultras Milan made countermeasures. They unfurled a large banner on a bridge in the center of Milan with a message attacking Calhanoglu personally.

“Courage is not taking a penalty in the tenth minute but staying with your wife even when you are a husband who his wife cheated on. Damn,” wrote Ultras Milan.

Calhanoglu . Household
Cahanoglu briefly divorced his wife, Sinem Gundogdu in 2018. They had married a year earlier. Reportedly, the rift in the household of Calhanoglu and Sinem Gundogdu was due to a third person.

They finally divorced. However, love relationships can then be knitted again. They reconciled in 2019. Currently, they often share intimate photos on social media. Cahanoglu and Sinem look happy.