Buzzing rumors! Jenny BLACKPINK To Join Marvel As Super Hero Luna Snow From “Agents Of Atlas”


It is considered another K-POP idol, a very beautiful girl, talent for the girl “Jenny Kim” or “Jenny BLACKPINK” that recently became a hit. After appearing as one of the cast of The Idol , starring singer Abel Tesfey, also known as “The Weeknd” and Lily-Rose. Depp , the beautiful daughter of Johnny Depp , will air on HBO.

However, the big bang for Pi Duong didn’t end there. In the early hours of September 30, 2022, rumors emerged about the cast for Marvel Studio ‘s Agents of Atlas project, which is based on the superhero comic of the same name. And one of them has the name of Jenny BLACKPINK included!

The Agents of Atlas team is the first Asian superhero team. And such rumors have also been revealed that Jennie will be taking on the role of “Luna Snow” or “Seolhee.” The K-pop idol has a huge fan base around the world. She has a special power that can control ice. Let’s just say that the character concept just sounds like a super late girl!

And besides Jenny BLACKPINK, there are also many other performers that have been released, including:

Randall Park as Jimmy Woo
Liu Wu as Sword Master
Ki Hong-lee as Amadeus Cho
Park Shin-hye as White Fox
Guan Xiaotong as Aero
Zhang Meng’er as XuXialing
Lisa as Wave
Kim Soo-an as Crescent
Park Seo-joon as Noh Varr

However The news is still just a rumor. And nothing has been confirmed yet, so if there are any further developments, we’ll be sure to report back to your friends!