Burgerkill Killchestra EP Review: Metalcore + Orchestra = ‘Killchestra’


“Yes bros, today is the day! Enjoy our newest mini album ‘Killchestra’ on all your favorite digital platforms,” ​​Burgerkill wrote on its Instagram page. Right on Sunday, April 19, 2020, Burgerkill, a metal band from Bandung, released an EP containing 6 songs from several previous albums which had been re-recorded and collaborated with the Czech Symphony Orchestra in early March 2018. The Czech Symphony Orchestra is an orchestra group from Prague, Czech Republic. Meanwhile, the music arrangement for the album was entrusted to Alvin Witarsa. Here is a review of the Burgerkill Killchestra EP.

1. Earth Dog
The album opens with a song called Earth Dog, which is taken from the album Beyond Coma and Despair. The opening of the Tanah Tanah, which in the previous album was a soft strum of an acoustic guitar, was replaced with the melodious sound of piano and violin.

Right after the vocalist shouted the drumming dirt dog and the guitar distortion immediately removed the sweetness of the piano and violin sounds from the listener’s ears, replaced by the ferocity of Burgerkill’s signature metalcore music which was more intense and dense than the 2006 version of this song.

The mastering results in 2020 are certainly different from the mastering results in 2006. As well as the drum fills from the new Burgerkill drummer, Putra feels a little different than the one on the 2006 recording.

The difference is also felt in the vocal part, unlike in 2006 which was filled by the late vocalist. Ivan “Scumbag” Firmansyah, this time the vocal part is filled by Vicky, the vocalist who replaced Ivan after his death.

2. Inner Prison
Furthermore, in this Burgerkill Killchestra EP review, we will discuss the chanting of the second EP, entitled Prison Inner. The guitar melody at the beginning of this song also feels quite different compared to the recording of the same song on the album Berkarat in 2004 ago.

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Wrapped with the accompanying orchestral strains, the second song on this EP again provides a new experience in enjoying the song Prison Batin.

Thrash Metal drum beat elements feel quite thick in this song. The melodies and dense drum fills accompanied by an orchestra that seem luxurious will bring listeners to feel every emotion that is to be conveyed in this song.

3. An Elegy
It opens with piano and violin strains that replace the soft strumming of the guitar melody as Burgerkill did in this song on the 2011 album Venomous.

Again, the listeners were pampered with typical orchestral music, greeted with drums and bass that felt crisper than the previous album. The violin stuffing in the middle of the song that tries to build the listener’s emotions is immediately blown up in the chorus of this song.

Like wanting to make room for the Czech Symphony Orchestra. At the end, it feels like the orchestra is more dominant than Burgerkill, which of course provides a new experience.

Seems like Bugerkill wants to defuse the explosion they did on the chorus. This song is again closed with piano and violin, followed by soft vocals from the vocalist Vicky.

4. Only the strong
Gahar and luxury are the right words to describe how Burgerkill and Czech Symphony Orchestra collaborate in this song. It feels very different between what Burgerkill did to this song on the 2011 album Venomous than it did on the Killchestra EP.

The music was made to feel heavier and tighter and accompanied by an orchestra that was no less intense. Again, Burgerkill brings luxury metal music straight to listeners’ ears.

The friction of the violin that feels so intense in the chorus and the sound of the trumpet seems to give the listener more energy. The meeting of Putra Ramadhan’s double pedal makes this music sound more intense.

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5. Arrogant
Back again to the song on the album Beyond Coma and Despair 2006. Starting with music that can still make fans and listeners headbang, Burgerkill, which carries the metalcore genre, seems to want to emphasize their characteristics in this song, even though with orchestra accompaniment, Burgerkill’s metalcore music is actually feels thicker in this song.

The metalcore characteristic is thick in the breakdown section at the end of this song. The guitar distortion that feels heavier than the previous release, as well as the drum fill that feels denser make the metalcore element thick at the end of this song.

6. Three Black Dots
The song from the album Rusty (2004) which seems to have a deeper meaning for Burgerkill fans and listeners is re-recorded in the Killchestra EP. It started only with the accompaniment of emotional orchestral music.

Again, the listeners heard Fadli Padi’s voice singing the lyrics written by the late. Ivan Scumbag. Different emotions are felt in this song. Especially considering how the relationship of this song with Alm. Ivan Scumbag.

Feels deeper m appreciation of Fadli with orchestral accompaniment. Even in the middle of the song, when entering the poetry section, it is very emotional. Until the climax at the end of the song, when Fadli read a prayer for the late.

Ivan, whom he met in 2003 during the process of recording this song for the first time. The arrangement is right for the last song on this album, because here Burgerkill seems to want to show its dedication to the late. Ivan Scumbag.

‘Killchestra’ is specially dedicated to commemorate the 42nd birthday of the late former Burgerkill vocalist, Ivan ‘Scumbag’. “A special album that we dedicate to our friend Ivan ‘Scumbag’ Firmansyah whose birthday is today,” Burgerkill said on its Instagram page.

This album was released limited to only 300 copies of Boxset Vinyl + CD and Gatefold Vinyl only. But readers, don’t worry for those who are curious about the EP because Burgerkill still releases digital versions on several digital music platforms.

That’s our Burgerkill Killchestra EP review, happy reading while listening to the goons’ EP!