‘Bungee Jumping’ NCT’s Jaehyun Reportedly Canceled Due To Scriptwriter’s Religious Belief


Kakao Entertainment Announced That The Reason For The Halt To Production Was The Lack Of Agreement With The Original Scriptwriters. But Now Sources In Dismantling The Detailed Reasons.

Jaehyun’s loyal fans are currently grieving because the production of the drama ” Bungee Jumping of Their Own ” has been canceled. Even though the NCT member should have been one of the main characters named Im Hyun Bin.

On Thursday (9/12), Kakao Entertainment announced that the reason for the termination of production was the absence of an agreement with the original scriptwriter. “In the process of preparing for production, the screenwriter of the original film expressed concern,” said Kakao Entertainment.

“All rights to derivative works including remakes belong to the production company (Choice Cut), so there are no problems in carrying out production. However, after extensive discussion, the final decision was made to suspend production due to the opinion of the author,” added Kakao Entertainment.

Now an industry source is revealing that the cancellation of “Bungee Jumping of Their Own” may have been due to the scriptwriter’s “religious beliefs”. One local media outlet wrote, “This scriptwriter became a devout Christian some time after working on the script for ‘Bungee Jumping of Their Own’ in 2001.” the remake of the story because of their religious beliefs,” the insider added.

There is no room for negotiations, of any other kind, because the opposition is strictly based on religious inclinations,” concluded the insider.

'Bungee Jumping' Jaehyun NCT Dilaporkan Batal Digarap Karena Kepercayaan Religi Penulis Naskah

The film follows the story of what happens when he meets a male student named Im Hyun Bin ( Yeo Hyun Soo ) who acts like In Tae Hee.

Meanwhile, the cancellation of the production of “Bungee Jumping of Their Own” was immediately flooded with comments from South Korean netizens. Many who gave a relieved comment agreed with the decision of the production team who seemed to respect the scriptwriter.

Jaehyun NCT’s Drama ‘Bungee Jumping’ Has Been Canceled, This Is The Reason

Unpleasant news has come from KakaoTV’s upcoming drama ” Bungee Jumping “. The reason is, the drama starring NCT’s Jaehyun was canceled.

Previously, KakaoTV announced its plans to remake the old film ” Bungee Jumping of Their Own ” into a drama. They even plan to collaborate with the film’s production team to maintain the authenticity of the story.

However, on Thursday (9/12), Hankyung reported that this drama was canceled. The reason is that the drama’s production team did not reach the same agreement as the original scriptwriter.

According to a representative from Kakao Entertainment, the drama’s main commissioner has had a lengthy discussion with the film’s original writer. However, because the writers wanted to stop the remake of the drama, they finally respected the decision.

Although the copyright to the original production belongs to the production company we cooperated with, after thorough discussion, it was finally decided that Kakao would respect the original scriptwriter’s wishes and not continue the drama remake.”

That’s why Kakao also expressed his apologies to Jaehyun and Lee Hyun Wook who had been chosen to be the main characters. The company will also cover all pre-production costs that have been incurred so far.

Meanwhile, “Bungee Jumping” focuses on the story of two freshmen who don’t believe in love at first sight. But they ended up falling in love with each other and sealing their love with a bungee jump . Unfortunately, their promise was never fulfilled because the female character suddenly died.