Bulgasal: Immortal Souls Is A Thrilling Fantasy Sleep Hit

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This is another k-drama translated into my own language which means that I’m actually watching this with my mom in case you missed the very insightful input in my review. Bulgasal wasn’t really a drama that called for me during its run and I’m glad I waited for it to finish because I would lose my mind waiting for new episodes. I’m not sure how I felt during these first two episodes, but as soon as I was completely hooked and dragged into the story that if it weren’t for my mom taking a 10 day trip, we would have finished this in less than a week. Needless to say, we both quite enjoyed Bulgasal despite its melodramatic flaws. The actual review is below as usual.

From MyDramaList: Bulgasal tells the story of a woman who remembers her past life by repeating death and reincarnation for 600 years, and a man who can neither kill nor be killed and has lived for the past 600 years as a Bulgasal—a mythical creature that feeds on human blood and cursed with immortality.

Acting wise, I had a chance to see Nara in Royal Secret Service where she was pretty solid but she definitely improved a lot and showed it off through Bulgasal while Jin Wook remains his awesome self through other looks like he can kill you, is a marshmallow role (like which we saw in Sweet Home) which he did well. It’s easy to get attached to both of their characters because it’s so clear that there’s no way they’re both as terrible as the show suggests. Being stuck in the circle of reincarnation would make me feel unstable too. I think the chemistry between them is really good and I really like how their dynamic keeps changing throughout the drama as well – watching them learn how to trust each other is really beautiful and one of the highlights of this drama. Loyal people? Count me. Nothing bothers me more than changing sides every five seconds.

The best aspect of Bulgasal is the cast. I really like how everyone portrays their character, from the main character to the supporting characters (and we have several main characters here). I think the chemistry between everyone is great and you guys already know that nothing appeals to me more than the family trope found and that’s what we have here (albeit in a very strange way of reincarnation). I think the way the story unfolds is really good and the tempo of the drama is solid too. It can be a little frustrating not knowing what really happened 600 or 1000 years ago, but I think it’s also a blessing because we can create our own impression of the characters and choose who we really trust regardless of their past lives. . The push and pull between the bad and the good is fun and I love that even the good characters are more of a grayscale – no black and white.

Ok Eul Tae Lee Joon is very sexy. I mean bad. Very bad. Very bad. He really is the most terrible… What do I say again?

Jokes aside, Eul Tae is terrible but also Lee Joon did everything we needed in the role and more. I think it’s always hard to portray a two-faced character and Eul Tae honestly looked after me because I never knew if what he said was true. I think this is also a cool aspect as it brings more mystery and thriller aspects to the story. You never know this guy’s next move, good luck to whoever decides to watch this. I want to strangle him more than enough, but he also keeps pushing the story forward and tricking you with his feigned emotions (which sometimes don’t seem so pretend to me…). Either way, Lee Joon is excellent in this role and mom and I are both just… looking. With respect of course.

Now, for the ending about the characters I want to highlight the character that ended up being our favorite so far and that is Nam Do Yoon (played by Kim Wooseok). We grew up a little too attached to him early on and this boy gave us our fair share of mental breakdowns because I swear to God every time something happens to him both mom and I are five seconds from crying or jumping on our screens to get him out of bed. this hell. Wooseok is fantastic in this role and I really feel him as an actor (although we all know he’s a good singer and performer) becausehe really does everything here. Do Yoon is our baby. One thing that bothered me regarding the characters was the fact that the Do Yoon-Shi Ho-Ho Yeol trio did so many questionable things and made quite a lot of impulsive choices but on the other hand I don’t think they did it. blame – if there was anything Bulgasal needed, it was better communication between them all regarding the past. How could they magically know something if no one told them?

I like the ending too. I think that’s the only way to finish this story and I appreciate that in that they don’t go out of the blue route or invent something just for the sake of everything being perfect. Gotta appreciate that it’s trying to be real. Now, I think the story of the past or the story that is basically behind it is a bit… underwhelming. Sure, it’s emotional but it’s also pretty thin in plot and reasoning. Bulgasal isn’t going to be the best drama you’ll ever watch, but it’s a solid drama with great characters and a well-developed story considering it deals with folklore and reincarnation which is always messy and complicated. I gave it 8.5/10 stars last but I enjoyed almost every minute of it.