BTS’s RM shares photo of special tattoo, will the group finally get their matching tattoo?


Minutes after BTS released their anthology album “Proof,” featuring their stunning music video for “Yet To Come,” frontman RM took to his Instagram Story to share a photo of a tattoo, complete with a single “7” engraved.

The number seven holds immense significance to the seven band members and their fans, and with RM sharing this photo, the first thought that comes to mind is, “Did BTS finally get the tattoos? assorted friendships they often talked about? »

Check out the photo of a tattooed ‘7’ shared by RM, below:

BTS's RM shares photo of special tattoo, will the group finally get their matching tattoo?

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BTS fans ARMY had the same thought, with tweets ranging from “wait joon has a tattoo?? don’t tell me these are the matching tattoos they had planned? I’m going to cry “

Or “THEY HAVE 7 MATCHING TATTOOS????? I will mourn BTS soulmates forever. »

It reminds us of when V replied to a fan on Weverse, sharing that he and his fellow BTS members  often talked about getting matching tattoos, saying, “We’re going to get matching tattoos . friendship one day, please look forward to. »

Meanwhile, BTS’ anthology album “Proof” was just released today, June 10.

The list of the 3rd CD of "Proof" is revealed - demo fans

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Containing a total of 48 songs across three CDs, the album also includes three new tracks, one on each CD.

Netizens react to BTS teaser for their comeback with “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”

The title track “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” is a mid-tempo alternative hip-hop song, reflecting the band’s musical journey while promising a brighter future.

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The second new song is “Run BTS,” which is a rhythmic hip-hop track containing the free spirit of the group since its debut.

Finally, the third new song “For Youth” is a BTS fan song for ARMYs, and includes the sound of fans cheering at the group’s own concert.