BTS’s Park Jimin Shows Off His Body In Sassy Shirtless Photoshoot


The rest of the members of BTS is no excuse not to continue supporting them in all their projects. It is common knowledge that ARMY members are one of the most devoted fandoms and that they constantly open their wallet to buy all the boys’ merchandise and special memberships.

Even everything is sold out in record time and many fandoms are left without buying new merchandise or acquiring special memberships. Of course, the fandom members with the most sympathetic hearts constantly share the content they can get through these memberships, and Park Jimin has stolen all the attention.

The idol posed completely shirtless for the 8th BTS membership merch. ARMY who were able to acquire this benefit could not contain themselves and scan the photos for everyone to see. As expected, these went viral in a short time and placed the name PARK JIMIN in a global trend.

Jimin posed on various stages for a dazzling photo shoot that is undoubtedly getting all the attention it deserves. In other news related to the idol, it was learned that he is working with Benny Blanco and some Ariana Grande producers for his new solo music.