BTS’s Jungkook covers up his tattoos; this is how they look now | PHOTOS


Jungkook made a modification to his most special tattoos dedicated to BTS. Check the photos on how they look now.

Don’t panic, but we have new Jungkook tattoos . Yes, just as you read it, the idol made a couple of modifications to his most recognized arm designs to pay tribute to BTS and, incidentally, incorporate and color some that have already been on his skin for a while, you’ll be surprised! with the changes!

The new tattoos of the interpreter of “Still With You” arrive after an error in the subtitles of the ‘BTS dinner’ – on the occasion of the celebration for the 9 years of the South Korean band – caused confusion among the media and some members from ARMY about the boys taking an indefinite hiatus.

Later, RM and Kookie came out to reassure the audience that there will still be BTS for a while. Something that the boys said, at that dinner for Festa 2022, is that they wanted to have a common tattoo that will represent their union through Bangtan Sonyeondan. Because thanks to the band they are more like family than friends.

Jungkook makes changes to his tattoos to honor BTS
Through his Instagram stories, the golden maknae shared the publication of the tattoo artist Polyc where the idol is seen posing in a mirror with his hands making the symbol of peace, but in the back of his ear it is observed that he has a number 7 .

According to the tattooist’s description, the 7 that Jungkook has behind his ear represents: BTS ‘s friendship tattoo . In addition to this tattoo, Polyc shared photos of the tattoos on the arm that the idol covered with new designs. The most notorious modification was the one of the tattoo that she had of an eye.

The eye was covered by the phrase “Bullet Proof”, which is distinguished by having the letters in black, but they are colored with a bluish green. Another tattoo that modified his original design was a hand making the rock symbol, since, now, it is characterized by having a black rectangle that has circles, a number 4, a purple heart.

There was a tattoo that did not cover it, but it did add color. It is a microphone that has chains on each of its sides. Previously the design was characterized by being black, but Polyc added a blue color to it and modified its size so that the lower chain was not at the height where the device ends.

Jungkook ‘s visit to the Polyc tattoo studio will not only be remembered because of the photos, but also because of the autograph he left, which was accompanied by the following message: “Thank you very much for saving my arm… <3 Please take care of me in the future too!” Other modifications were also made that you can check in the post below.

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