BTS’s J-Hope is caught liking a muscular guy on Instagram


J-Hope from BTS is undoubtedly one of the most loved KPOP idols in the world, thanks to his golden retriever personality, always being very friendly with everyone. He only changes when he gets on stage, where he completely transforms into an idol with all his might.

He can also occasionally be seen interacting with idols from other groups, this thanks to everything we mentioned above, this is how now the ARMY fandom makes jokes about how they caught the main dancer liking a handsome shirtless guy on Instagram.

This mysterious boy is nothing more and nothing less than Cha Eun Woo , and it is no secret to anyone that this duo share a beautiful friendship, having several interactions and greeting each other with a lot of brotherhood every time they meet somewhere, he was even invited to J-Hope’s party for the premiere of his album “Jack In The Box”.

In other news related to the ASTRO member , TV Daily reported that the 25-year-old boy will return to acting with a new leading role where he will play the main character of the webtoon “A Good Day to be a Dog”, this time he will be taken to the TV as a new romantic drama.