BTS V, Japan’s Nehan 56 weeks 1st place… One-top popularity without break


BTS V is proving its unmatched popularity in Japan.

V recorded 17,325 votes in the K-POP male idol ranking vote of the popular Japanese idol ranking site ‘Nehan (音英) held from April 18th to 24th, ranking first for 56 weeks in a row.

Also, in the same week, in the ranking of ‘Korean actors in their twenties’ on the popular ranking site for Japanese Korean actors, ‘B-Han (American Korea)’, they also earned 13,974 votes, taking the top spot for 52 consecutive weeks, boasting an unrivaled status as an actor.

Despite V’s appearance in the drama ‘Hwarang’, we can see the high expectations of Japanese fans for his actor Kim Tae-hyung.

In addition, V continues to be ranked No. 1 in the KPOP idol voting rankings of Japan’s representative ranking site ‘KPOP JUICE’ and voting for the entire period.

In addition, V ranked first in ‘K-Pop Male Idol Ranking, Most Popular Korean Male Member’ in ‘Ranking’, a popular Japanese voting site that reflects real-time trends, as well as ‘World’s Handsome Boys Ranking, the most handsome and popular in the world’. It took first place in various categories such as ‘Celebrity’.

V is showing remarkable achievements as a singer by setting a remarkable record musically as well as high popularity.

V’s self-composed song ‘Sweet Night’, released in March 2020, was the first K-pop solo sound source to top the Japanese iTunes Top Song Chart, boasting powerful sound source power.

V’s ‘Christmas Tree’, released in December of last year, also peaked at number one on the chart, and remained at number one for 89 hours, setting her best record as a Korean singer.

With this, V became the first Korean solo artist to have two songs that reached number one on the Japanese iTunes Top Song Chart.

In addition, ‘Christmas Tree’ debuted at #29 on the Billboard Japan ‘Hot 100’ chart with the first tracking in three days, and recorded the highest ranking after Psy among K-pop male solo artists with Korean music.

Also, in Japan’s Shazam’s ‘Top 200’ for 97 days, he ranked first for 97 days, setting the first best record as an overseas singer, and also ranked first on the downloads.

V, an all-round entertainer who is gaining popularity in all directions as an all-rounder that satisfies both singers and actors, is raising expectations as a leader who will lead the 4th Hallyu boom.