BTS V is too close to his fans! Surprised at how friendly he is, you wouldn’t expect him to be a world star… He got so close to himself and showed off his bold fan service… His heart pounded as if he was happy to meet ARMY.


The appearance of BTS (Bulletproof Boy Scouts) V voluntarily approaching fans has become a hot topic. Attention is being paid to his innocent and friendly appearance that makes it hard to believe he is a world star .

BTS has announced that they will be focusing more on their solo activities in the future, celebrating their ninth year since their debut. V has been showing a wide range of activities, such as decorating the cover of the October issue of Vogue Korea alone and serving as a special DJ for the radio program “Kim Ena’s Starry Night” .

In “Kim Ena’s Starry Night”, V’s overly friendly behavior towards his fans has become a hot topic. Due to Kim In Ah’s leave, V will serve as a special DJ for two days with singer Park Hyo Shin, who has been close friends for a long time. Many fans rushed to the broadcasting station to catch a glimpse of V.

Then, out of nowhere, V approached the fan who was watching over him from behind the glass window and greeted the fan through the window . Waving his hands, staring at the letters written on the board held by the fans and reading them, the closeness does not seem to be a world star. In addition, when V was sitting with Park Hyo Shin and waiting, he could not take his eyes off the fan outside the window. And show off the unstoppable fan service. He had a big smile on his face and seemed ready to entertain his fans outside at every moment.

V not only acted as a special DJ for a limited time, but also showed the best fan service that was too friendly for the gathered fans. From his actions, such as approaching the fans as close as possible through the window and showing reactions while always caring about the fans, his affection for ARMY is clearly conveyed. This one scene, which seems to make V happy to meet his fans, has received emotional voices from all over the world.