BTS: V almost caused an ARMY to break up with her boyfriend (VIDEO)

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The well-known member of BTS almost caused a follower of the group to break up with her boyfriend, what were the reasons?

Lizbeth Rodríguez was a girl who caused controversy a few years ago for her videos of ‘Exposing Infidels’, which she resumed through her official YouTube profile and this time the love triangle is made up of an ARMY, her boyfriend and V from BTS. CRAZY!!

The chapter is called ‘Circuns pecto’, this is the 40th episode of Infidels, which apparently is already in season three.

According to the description of the video, Lizbeth Rodríguez is looking for:

However, being associated with one of the members of BTS is not a disgrace at all. It should be more of an honor, right?

Lizbeth Rodríguez arrived with the couple who had been together for more than a year and proceeded to ask them if they would forgive each other if either of them were unfaithful, while he answered that he did not know, she said no, and after the question of yes, they would like to know if they are Unfaithful, they accepted and gave their cell phones to Lizbeth, who was supposed to pay each of them 50 pesos per minute.

The first to be checked was the boy’s cell phone and after a series of questions they realized that he was faithful, and for that reason, they passed with his girlfriend’s phone.

The funny moment came when Rodríguez asked:

The boy did not hesitate to express his jealousy, however, things fortunately did not go too far and the couple ultimately stayed together. But at least, the girl made it clear to her loved one that she loves the members of BTS very much.