BTS topped the “Forbes” celebrity list for the fourth time, “Blind Date” Ahn Hyoseop “Squid Game” Lee Jung Jae Chu was shortlisted

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The Korean version of “Forbes” magazine announced the “2022 Most Influential Celebrities List in Korea” yesterday. The popular men’s group BTS (BTS), which was the champion last year, topped the list, the women’s group Blackpink took the second place, and the Tottenham star Son Heung-min moved up a notch to become the third runner-up. It is worth mentioning that Lee Jung-jae and Ahn Hyo-seop, whose popularity soared due to the high ratings of the Korean dramas “Squid Game” and “Blind Date”, entered the celebrity list for the first time, ranking 18th and 37th respectively.

Text: Su Peixin
Since 2009, the Korean magazine “Forbes” has selected the most influential celebrity rankings every year. The selection method is based on media reports, personal income and social network popularity and other data to select 40 rankings. Topping the list this year is BTS. They won the championship for the first time in 2018, and gave way to the women’s group Blackpink the following year. They have won the championship twice, so this year has reached the top four times. According to “Forbes” statistics, BTS sold 7.21 million albums in South Korea last year, bringing South Korea 4.65 billion US dollars (about 36.48 billion Hong Kong dollars) in economic benefits. According to Brandwatch analysis, there are 18 million “Army” (the nickname of BTS fans) worldwide, mainly from South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States.

No. 2 on the celebrity list is Blackpink, the same as last year. According to Forbes, although the density of their new songs is not high, their staying power on the pop chart is amazing; Son Heung-min, who played for Premier League team Tottenham, and Yoo Hyun-jin, a Korean professional baseball player, ranked third and fourth respectively.

Yoon Yoo-jung is the newest on the list
Korean enko is very popular among local music fans. Many singers from the singing competition program “Mr Trot” are on the list, including Li Canyuan (5th), Lim Yingxiong (7th), Zhang Minhui (10th), Zheng Dongyuan (16th) 2nd), Yongzhuo (25th) and Kim Hee Jae (39th).

The top ten positions include Korean drama “Mouse” actor Lee Seung-gi, who jumped from No. 30 last year to No. 6 this year, becoming the celebrity with the biggest rise on the list. “Forbes” praised Li Shengji for his versatility. In addition to starring in dramas, he also hosted the variety show “Family and Master Together”, which helped to increase his influence; last year’s Best Supporting Actress Oscar for “Agricultural Homeland” actress Yin Ruzhen made her debut for the first time. The list ranks 8th; the famous Liu Jae-suk has dropped two ranks this year and still occupies the 9th place.

This year’s actor ranking is not as good as that of singers. Park Seo-joon, who entered Hollywood last year to film the sequel of “Captain Marvel”, rose two places in a row, ranking 12th; Lee Jung-jae, who made his name internationally with “Squid Game”, made his debut at No. 18; recently Lee Min Ho, who starred in the American drama “Life of Marbles,” dropped four spots from last year to 20; the protagonists of the Korean drama “The Penthouse”, Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon and Park Eun-suk, ranked 19th, 23rd and 24th respectively. It is worth mentioning that An Xiaoxie, whose popularity has soared due to the high-rated drama “Blind Date in the Company”, entered the list for the first time this year, although it only ranks 37th, which proves that the drama is very popular.

Rising star Zheng Haoyan and Zhao Yixian are praised
Other Korean stars on the list include Kim Soo Hyun of “One Day” (21st), Suzy of “Start-Up” (22nd), Tian Midu and Son Yejin of “Thirty-Nine” (27th and 30th), and Han Shaoxi of “In My Name” (No. 28), Song Hye Kyo from “Breaking Up Now” (No. 29), Park Shin-hye from “The Myth of Sisyphus” (No. 33), Kim Hye-soo from “Juvenile Court” (No. 38) and Park Bo-gum from “Record of Youth” (No. 40) .

“Forbes” announced the most influential celebrity list, not forgetting to name a number of new stars, including “Squid Game” Zheng Haoyan, “Zombie Campus” Zhao Yixian and Li Yumei, “Sweet Home” Li Daojun, “Semantic Error” Park Xihan With Park Jae-chan, girl group aespa, ITZY, IVE, boy group Stray Kids, The Boyz, ATEEZ, etc.