BTS Suga and PSY: How they filmed the funny scenes of the “That” MV

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Collaboration of the “Gangnam style” singer and the BTS rapper continues to impress. Behind-the-scenes shows the efforts of acclaimed artists PSY and Suga.

On April 26 in South Korea, PSY confirmed that the title track for his new album was produced by BTS’s Suga , which is titled “That That.” This announcement prompted the Bangtan fandom to stay tuned for upcoming updates from the “Gangnam style” singer.

Also, since April 29, PSY’s networks began to release more details about their next song, which ended with Suga going to sing and appear in the video clip . Before its premiere, the ARMY fandom was shocked after seeing how the BTS rapper danced the rigorous choreography.

Behind the scenes of PSY’s “That that” MV with Suga
During the night of May 2 (KST), PSY’s official YouTube channel revealed how the old west scenes with PSY and Suga for “ That That ” were filmed, where they both told some anecdotes during the process. At the beginning, the interpreter of “Gangnam style” is seen starting with the film crew so that Yoongi then appears on the scene.

The beating scene is one of the most iconic of the two. PSY starts to ask the video producer if the car window isn’t going to break since he has to jump after Suga slaps him.

Later, Yoongi holds PSY in his arms with fake blood. The latter explains that Suga should look at the sky during his part because he would be more poetic and sadder.

The scene where PSY and Suga are standing in front of a building and a flock of birds appear behind it was completely real and did not use CGI. This is revealed behind the scenes because, after recording it, the MV producer mentions that birds appeared flying right behind them.

Suga told her that this is like a reference to PSY’s song “Bird” that he released nine years ago. Thus, it seemed correct to the team that it will remain as an aesthetic scene.

PSY “That That” MV with Suga
Since its release on the evening of April 29 (KST), the MV for “That That” has racked up more than 60 million views hours before it kicks off on April 3 (KST).

PSY’s cheating on Suga
In an interview prior to the launch, Suga and PSY confessed a fun curiosity about this collaboration. As revealed, Yoongi originally didn’t know that she would also rap and dance alongside her sunbae, but Yoongi got him fully involved in the song in stealth .

suga on instagram
Like his other BTS colleagues, Suga opened an Instagram account in December 2021. You can find him as @agustd, a user in which he has more than 33 million followers.