BTS Suga: 6 best moments from the video for “That That”, new feat with PSY

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BTS’ Suga released his new feat with PSY this Friday (29). “That That” marks the Korean idol’s return to K-pop after 5 years and it’s clear that the BTS member was a great choice to mark the moment. In addition to composing and producing, Suga sang and danced a lot in the MV.

New feat – and comeback – on the air! PSY returned to the world of K-pop this Friday (29), with the album “That That”. The title track clip is now available and, of course, has a super partnership : Suga , from BTS . The South Korean idol not only composed and produced the song, but also sings and stars in the Music Video, complete with acting and lots of dancing.

We know that Suga rocks in productions , behind the cameras, but it’s amazing to see a feat in which the artist is so dedicated . In the stories, the BTS member even joked about the situation: “I tried to run away, but…”. It didn’t – and that’s good!

Check out the 6 best moments of Suga and PSY in “That That”!

Fight scene between Suga and PSY
In the “That That” MV, Suga and PSY play opposing cowboys. The arrival of the BTS idol is a scare for PSY’s character in the clip and the two even exchange slaps at one point. The purpose of the scene, however, is far from violence and ended up being a super cute interaction. You can see that the two had fun on the recordings.

cowboy costumes
We already knew that the western vibe would dominate the clip, not least because the two posted previews showing a lot of the scenery and the costumes. But nothing could prepare us to see Suga in full costume! It even reminds a little of the video for “Permission to Dance” , in which Jungkook appears wearing a hat – but it’s even more cowboy style, impacting fans more.

Oscar-worthy performance
If the Grammys didn’t come for BTS , will the Oscars come? Jokes aside, the moment in the clip where Suga “cries” next to PSY’s body drew a lot of attention. In addition, it is in this scene that the idol releases the most vocals, leaving the characteristic rap that marked a large part of his participation in the feat.

addictive choreography
Of course, there could not be a lack of striking choreography, perfect for TikTok. In an interview with PSY’s YouTube channel, Suga revealed, once again, that his intention was only to produce the track. “I couldn’t imagine dancing with him,” revealed the idol. Who sees or thinks, right? He rocked too much!

Suga razes no rap
Unsurprisingly, Suga is amazing at rap! And for that, his participation in “That That” fit perfectly. In the lyrics, we see a more confident idol extolling the unexpected partnership – “Min Yoongi and Park Jae-sang”, he says at one point. Good for missing unreleased raps, as “Permission to Dance” is all sung

Min Yoongi’s beauty
He sings, raps, produces songs, dances and is still very handsome. In addition to all the talent that Suga shows in the video for “That That”, fans could not help but notice the beauty of the idol, who always rocks the selfies on social networks. But of course he is much more than a pretty face!