BTS: RM hace fuerte declaración sobre su sexualidad e impacta a ARMY

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The BTS leader and rapper demonstrated with all the sincerity in the world by speaking an anecdote about his sexuality, which has completely impacted the entire ARMY.

The leader of the group was quite sincere and too direct when answering a question from an ARMY, who did not hesitate to want to know and investigate each of the most intimate and personal details of the South Korean idol’s love life.

And so it was, how daring ARMY decided to question him about his sexuality and if he was still a virgin, and this is what RM replied.

This was what BTS’s RM declared after being asked if he still had his “purity” and if he had any love experiences. The rapper confirmed that he has already experienced part of his intimate life, and even assured that he went with a girl with whom he would not hesitate to return if he sees her again.

In this way, RM demonstrated all the sincerity in the world in the face of the most daring questions from his fans, who more than anyone want to know everything about the personal lives of their favorite idols.