BTS returns with a world tour?: new ARMY theories of a possible Bangtan tour

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Bangtan is the group of the moment since its participation in the Billboard. Is it likely that the group is thinking of a tour of airport coincidences? BTS ‘ concerts in Los Angeles, Seoul, and Las Vegas for “Permission to dance on stage” were successful ticket sales. In the last presentations, ARMY was able to meet again with Bangtan after the expansion of COVID-19 in South Korea and the United States.

During the last concert of “ Permission to dance on stage in Las Vegas ”, BTS officially announced their return for June 10, 2022 with a video that recalled their time in the K-pop industry. Also, there is a report from the Yuanta Securities Research Center that mentions thatBangtan should go on a world tour from July to September this year.However, this has not been confirmed by BIGHIT Entertainment ‘s company or HYBE.

ARMY theories
The ARMY fandom always creates theories when a comeback is soon to be released. Especially when the video of BTS’s comeback came out with the “PTD on stage” concert. Now, Bangtan fans continue to think that the K-pop group will return to a world tour on the tracks that the airports of some cities in the world are giving.

Airports turn purple
On April 25, the Orlando International Airport in the United States published a photo of a blue plane on the Moon. “Moonchild, you shine”, quoting the song by the leader of BTS. Later, DFW Airport did the same with the “Butter” theme.

Given this, other airports joined this challenge such as the George Bush Intercontinental, Louis Armstrong International, San Francisco International, Washington Dulles International, among others. Each dedicated a photo to BTS or posted an excerpt from a boygroup song such as “Permission to dance” or “ Dynamite ”.

Most of these are from the United States. However, the airportSydney from Australia; London of England, and Paris of FranceThey placed a quote from Bangtan’s “Dynamite”, making the theory that there is a possibility of BTS holding concerts in said cities.

Will BTS go on a world tour?
At the moment, the company of BIGHIT Music or HYBE has not confirmed about a new BTS world tour. However, if this occurs, it is likely thatbangtan visit citieswhere airports are dressed in purple.

BTS at the Qatar 2022 World Cup: Bangtan ‘puts on the shirt’ in sustainability campaign

The collaboration between BTS and the car company for the 2022 FIFA World Cup continues. Watch here the spot of the 7 K-pop idols that seeks to encourage environmental care.

After BTS fans celebrated more details of Bangtan’s collaboration with Snoop Dogg , a new surprise arrived. Hyundai published a spot in commemoration of the next Qatar 2022 World Cup that ended up going viral on social networks due to the appearance of k-pop idols . What is Team Century about?

On April 26, the Hyundai Worldwide Twitter account surprised ARMY with the following post, “Meet the new members of Team century!

It was a promotional video that is part of the Team century campaign , promoted by Hyundai, which has the participation of BTS , the former British soccer player, Steven Gerrard, and more celebrities.

Watch the BTS and Hyundai spot for the Qatar 2022 World Cup here.

Previously, the seven members of BTS invited their followers to join the campaign for sustainability.

Hello, we are BTS. We are delighted to announce that we have just joined a new team. It’s called Team century and it’s been created for Hyundai’s Goal of the century campaign. An exciting adventure is coming this year for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and everyone is welcome to join Team century. A world united for sustainability. You will join?”.

In addition, Namjoon, leader of BTS , lent his voice to narrate a spot about the goal of the century, which counted the most representative soccer goals in recent times.

What is Team Century about?
Team century is a Hyundai campaign that seeks to neutralize carbon emissions by 2045, under the title of Goal of the century, which can be translated into Spanish as ‘Goal of the century’ or ‘Meta of the century’.

Hyundai’s campaign for the Qatar 2022 World Cup brings together figures such as BTS , former British soccer player Steven Gerrard, Danish nationalized Afghan soccer player and UNESCO ambassador Nadia Nadim, American fashion designer Jeremy Scott, contemporary Italian artist, Lorenzo Quinn, the documentary photographer, Nicky Woo and the robot from Boston Dynamics.