BTS: requirements to travel to South Korea and 5 places that all ARMY must visit

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Since the Hallyu wave entered Peru with force more than a decade ago, South Korea has become a dream destination for thousands of fans. If you are part of the ARMY fandom and long to see BTS ‘s home country , there is excellent news after two years of the pandemic.

As of May 1, Peruvian tourists do not need a visa to enter South Korea, the birthplace of K-pop and K-dramas.

The South Korean embassy announced that Peruvians can travel to that country without the need for a tourist visa as of May 1. This, thanks to the reactivation of the so-called Visa Exemption Agreement between Peru and the Asian country.

What documents do I need to travel from Peru to South Korea?
According to the rules of this benefit, Peruvians can enter the Republic of Korea for a maximum of 90 days for tourism.It is prohibited to participate in lucrative activities during the duration of your trip.

These are the documents you must carry to go to the country of K-pop and K-dramas: passport with a minimum validity of six months, printed round-trip tickets, the printed reservation of the hotel where you will stay.

In addition, the social networksEmbassy of South Korea reminded of the need to carry the K-ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization.The results of the virtual application take 24 hours, therefore, tourists are reminded to register it in time. The approval of the K-ETA is valid for two years.

Tourist places about BTS in South Korea
These are essential destinations in the itinerary of all ARMY that travels to know South Korea.

1.HYBE Insight Museum
A mandatory stop at the BTS agency at the HYBE Corporation building near Yongsan Station in Seoul. HYBE Insight is a museum that mixes technology to experience the music of its artists with all five senses. BTS awards, official goods are also on display, and there is also a cafeteria to enjoy desserts and drinks.

Requires prior online reservation due to high demand. Tickets range from 22,000 won to 25,000 won and are purchased through the HYBE INSIGHT app. Open every day except Monday and the tour lasts two hours.

2. Line Friends – Official Store
Heaven to see BT21 characters . This store is located in Itaewon, (Yongsan, Seoul). In addition to the theme decoration dedicated to RJ, Koya, Mang, Shooky, Chimmy, Tata and Cooky, you can purchase a wide variety of official products.

3. The old Big Hit venue
What was the place where BTS spent their trainee days? The history of BTS began in a different building than the one now occupied by the gigantic HYBE. Many fans visit the former Big Hit Entertainment venue and leave their signatures representing various countries.

It is located at 10-31 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Close to the neighborhood you can also visit Yoojung Sikdang restaurant, a favorite of BTS when they worked and practiced in the old building. The members of the group have talked about this place and its owner in the reality show “Rookie King”.

4.&Gather Cafe
This is the coffee shop that BTS visited to film the 45th episode of “Run! BTS” . The idols created their own drinks in that episode. ARMY will recognize the sign in pink tones that appeared in the reality show.

It is located at Hannamdong Shinseong Miso City, 39 Dokseodang-ro Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

5. The beach and bus stop in “You never walk alone”
Nicknamed the ‘Bangtan bus stop’ , this space has become one of the most sought after spots by ARMY to recreate the photo that the septet took in 2017 as the cover of their album “You never walk alone”.

The structure was built just for the album, but the city decided to keep it on the beach because of the number of tourists it attracted.

Location: Hyangho Beach in the Jumunjin District of Gangneung, Gangwon Province .

BTS on Instagram
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