BTS, production of “BT21” reminiscent of puzzle game development Seriousness for content that you love like “my child”


BTS will entertain you with the game this time. BTS’s puzzle game ” BTS Island: In the SEOM ” , whose global advance reservations began on April 26th . The story is that BTS, who went on vacation by boat, arrives at a remote island with the help of a whale and unfolds an adventure story. You can make memories with BTS by solving puzzles. Fishing, swimming, table tennis, etc. with the characters who projected the members of BTS. You can also use items to decorate the islands and characters as you like.

Gorgeous BTS during the live The

Most fun thing is that the BTS members themselves are involved in the development of this game. It is said that they actually participated in the production of the title, logo, character design, and OST while playing. In fact, the official channel “BTS Island: In the SEOM” was opened on YouTube ahead of the others, and on April 26, the episode of the variety video “BTS Become Game Developers” (hereinafter “BTS, become a game developer”). 1 has been published. As the name suggests, “BTS, become a game developer” follows how BTS members are involved in development. It will be updated four times every Tuesday in the future. In the first episode 1, J-HOPE said, “Have you met more than 10 times?” From the beginning, and J-HOPE said, “No, 4 times?” ( JUNG KOOK)), “No, I’ve done it up to 6 times” (V), “I think this is the 3rd time” (RM), “This is the 4th time, I’m sure” (JIN). The appearance of the members who are rubbing together. It was also revealed that the main person in charge of the OST is SUGA , who has provided music not only to BTS but also to other artists . “Whenever I receive a request like this, I say” I’ll do it “and then regret it the next day.” Ah, why did you say that? ” and. However, “Did you actively appeal to SUGA?” (JIN), “Appeal several times …” ( JIMIN)) And grinning. Apparently SUGA is busy with other work. I wondered if I was working in parallel with “That That (prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS)” that I collaborated with on the new album “Sada 9” released by PSY on April 29th. What is connected is the fun of sharing time with them in this development diary video. Looking at these exchanges, it seems that “members are attending development meetings from the beginning” is not an exaggeration. The fact that he said in front of the demo video of the game, “It seems that it has been upgraded further (than when I saw it before)” also conveys it firmly. In addition, their opinions are reflected in details such as the character’s face and body size ratio, and JIN was particularly particular about “Today’s Mission (Daily Quest)”. JIN, who confirmed that the idea was actually in shape, said happily, “I’m very happy when that kind of thing appears on the screen. Oh, the game I made is my child!”

The appearance of BTS that reminds us of the birth of “BT21”
“BT21″, which was born in 2017, was also a project they were involved in from the beginning, such as ” BTS Island: In the SEOM “. The state of the development process is also serialized on the YouTube channel “BT21 Japan Official” with the title “Until BT21 is made”. Characters who have been involved in drafting a white sketchbook and gradually taking shape while conveying ideas to professional engineers. It’s no wonder that the members who gave names and decided the character’s characteristics such as favorite foods and weaknesses one by one would want to say “my child”. The more you know that you are a character born with such love, the more you will become attached to ARMY (fans). This time, in episode 1 of “BTS, becoming a game developer”, everyone was thinking about the title. For members who have adopted the title proposal, it will be announced that “the name will be written as the title creator”, “the unique legend special costume can be worn in the game”, and “the game character figure will be given”. The members who are planning to enjoy the game as players are motivated. There is no doubt about their seriousness when they see them who have always loved “BT21″. After all, SUGAThe idea of ​​”SEOM (island)” from RM was adopted for the title, but “We made the decision, so let’s put (name) everyone!” “Costumes for everyone!” It gets excited. Such a place is also BTS-like and smiling. In the future, the development scene of logos and puzzle materials will also be released. Not only is it fun as a game, but it seems that you can enjoy playing in the sense that you can feel their existence close to you. In Episode 1, JUNG KOOK , the youngest child who handles everything dexterously, “gets first in the ranking” However, we can expect a new trend in which members and ARMY compete directly in the game rankings. I can’t wait for the delivery date of this game even more in the sense that new communication will be born.