BTS: Namjoon spoke about Jin’s injury and provided spoilers for his upcoming mixtape on Weverse

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BTS’s Namjoon chatted with ARMY on Weverse and revealed the production process for his upcoming mixtape. What did he say about Jin’s health condition?

Almost a month after the comeback of BTS , the leader of this K-pop group, Kim Namjoon , took a moment to talk with his followers about his next projects. In addition, he provided more information about Jin’s injury, which continues to concern the ARMY fandom, and answered a curious question about Bangtan’s comeback.

Namjoon: Mixtape, Jin’s health and more
In the early morning of May 4 (KST), Namjoon surprised his followers with responses on Weverse. When asked about his next mixtape, about which the also producer has proposed to release it in 2022, he confessed that he had already advanced in the creation.

A major topic for fans of the K-pop septet in recent weeks has been Jin’s injury. Due to the pain in her hand, the oldest member in BTS had a limited participation in the 2022 Grammys, so it was not long before ARMY asked Namjoon about it on Weverse.

BTS announced their comeback and release of an album for June 10, 2022. Because of this, ARMY expects hits like “Dynamite” and “Butter”, as well as some collaboration, such as the long-awaited song with Snoop Dogg. However, Namjoon gave a playful reply when asked about a spoiler for Bangtan’s comeback.

Although Namjoon did not answer any more questions about the BTS comeback , he did continue to talk to ARMY through the Weverse platform and was encouraged to answer more ARMY posts.

BTS and their fans: how to participate in the trend on Twitter ARMY Selca Day?

ARMY will always support the craziness of their favorite group, BTS. For this reason, they continue to organize events that reflect all the love they have for them. What does it consist of?

The BTS members are preparing for their upcoming comeback , which was announced during the last “Permission to dance on stage” concert in Las Vegas. Later, the idols returned to South Korea to continue their activities as Suga with the collaboration of PSY in “That that” .

Bangtan has always cared about the ARMY fandom , whether it’s teaching the Korean language, making typical South Korean recipes, or supporting productivity or maintaining help in creating an exercise routine through their HYBE Edu channel. BTS fans respond to the love that their members give them and will show it through challenges on social networks.

What is ARMY Selca Day?
The ARMY Selca Day event is one of the most special for the BTS fandom because they begin to replicate photos of the members that have been taken since their debut until now. This day occurs every first Tuesday of each month and has been since 2017.

How to make an ARMY Selca Day?
To participate in ARMY Selca Day, BTS fans have to have great spontaneity and do it in the most natural way possible. For this, it musthave a cut, costume, or strike a similar poseto one of the members of Bangtan boys. In the same way, the photo would be identical if it is taken at the same angle that it was taken.

However, there are ARMYs who have gone to the most extreme side because they visited the same locations where BTS took the snapshot so that the image of the challenge comes out perfect.