BTS Members Reject Jin For His Bad Deeds Inside The Group’s Apartment

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Jin, the oldest member of BTS, has caused rejection by the other members of the group when it comes to sharing a room in the apartment that the South Korean septet comparte en Seúl. Las razones, son de tomar en cuenta.

During a Bangtan show, the members had to make a game, where they had to confess to each other. It was there that the other members decided to open up about the things they have done over the years. But when it was Jin’s turn, he surprised everyone with his revelations, which is why now no one wants to sleep with him inside the apartment.

According to what the Worldwide Handsome said, none of his classmates wants to share a room with him after being exposed. Why?

The idol confessed that once he slept in RM ‘s bed without washing his hair, something that the rapper did not like at all. And if that wasn’t enough, he also left the lights on in J-Hope ‘s room after using the shower, something that the idol absolutely hates from anyone.

With Suga, Jin considered that it was a good idea to take the idol’s vitamins without asking for his permission, and not only did that, he also threw some wet wipes in V ‘s room without asking him and without even having used them, something that also completely angered Taehyung .

Despite the annoyance of his companions, ARMY felt the confession as something fun and routine, since there is no doubt that each of us can have different attitudes that others would not mind, but others would. So they consider Jin’s “mischief” to be very innocent.