BTS Members Might Go To The Battlefield If South Korea Starts War With North Korea

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The members of the popular South Korean Kpop group BTS will be trained in the compulsory military service that governs that country, which has led their fans to think that the group could also be exposed to going to the battlefield if South Korea start a war with North Korea.

Compulsory military service consists of an enlistment of 18 to 22 months duration, which depends on the chosen division (army, marine police, government).

BTS members will have to shave their hair one day before their enlistment, and they may be seen off by their fans, family or their peers publicly or privately at some of the basic training bases located in the South Korean territory.

Although there is nothing to confirm that South Korea is facing a war with North Korea despite the political tension they are currently experiencing, in a hypothetical case, everything will depend on the military reserves that the country has in the event that it originates. a war.

It is important that all South Korean men have military training, including members of BTS. That is why, despite their great fame and contribution to the country’s economy, the members of the group would also be exposed to this type of military confrontation.

After completing the program, they must choose their unit, each of them can even serve as part of the military orchestra and have performances in some national events dancing or singing.

The members will also have some days off and vacations to go out or visit their family, friends and other loved ones. And in addition, BTS members will also be able to send letters and other documents.