BTS Member Instagram Feed Compared, Who Has The Most Netizens Liked?

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Since Publishing Their Personal Instagram Account On December 6 Last, Not All BTS Members Are Diligent In Posting. But Their Page Feed Is Enough To Attract The Attention Of Netizens.

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There are topics that are discussed by netizens from the personal Instagram accounts of BTS members ( Bangtan Boys ). As recently, a discussion arose about the members’ Instagram page feeds.

Since publishing their personal Instagram account on December 6 last, not all BTS members are diligent in posting. So far, they are diligent in updating is RM ( Rap Monster ), J-Hope , Jungkook and V .

Jin uses Instagram to show off his cooking or food, while Suga just updates to give news. Jimin BTS is surprisingly the member of BTS who rarely updates Instagram.

Talking about their Instagram feed, each member has a different vibe. Netizens also discussed the feed of BTS members and commented like this.

“My favorite is Jin. He has a certain vibe that is hard to find so it’s entertaining,” commented netizens. When he says, ‘I’m bored, play with me,’ by singing it, he’s so excited!” wrote netizens.

“I really like J-Hope’s feed. He has good taste in using a polaroid theme to style his feed,” said a netizen. “Kim Namjoon (RM). That’s really Instagram showing him,” said netizens. “Jin! No matter how I look at it, it looks like a collection of non-celebrity photos,” said another. “RM and V are very Instagramable!” concluded another.

The members will return with a new album as well as an offline concert in Seoul in March 2022.

Tembus 20 Juta, Jumlah Followers Member BTS di Instagram Picu Perdebatan

Translucent 20 Million, Number Of BTS Member Followers On Instagram Triggers Debate

The Gap Between The Number Of Followers Of BTS Members Is Not Large And Is Enough To Show How Popular BTS Is Evenly. But That Is Still A Matter Of Debate.

BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) surprised fans by opening a personal Instagram account for each member. Even though the seven members have an impressive number of followers on Instagram and the gap between them is not large, there is debate as to who is the most popular.

On December 9 at 9 a.m. KST, all of the BTS members surpassed 20 million followers on their personal Instagram accounts in less than three days. This is an amazing achievement that certainly cannot be obtained by all idol groups.

The gap between the number of followers of BTS members is not large and is enough to show how popular BTS is evenly. But small differences still spark debate that the number of Instagram followers reflects an individual’s popularity ranking.

That is, according to the current number of followers, V is the most popular BTS member, followed by Jungkook , Jimin BTS , Jin , Suga , RM ( Rap Monster ), and finally J-Hope . But the distance between the number of their followers does not reach millions.

This claim has certainly been rejected by many Korean netizens because the ranking above is somewhat different from the male idol brand reputation rankings which are published regularly every month, where Jimin occupies the first position for 35 consecutive months as of November 2021.

“Isn’t Jungkook more popular in real life?” wrote netizens. “V is not only a strong individual fandom, but he is also liked by non-BTS fans, so it’s not surprising that he has the most followers,” said a netizen.

“I don’t understand why akgae and solostan have to argue about things like this when seven of them have more than 20 million followers. Is being the first in terms of followers important? Remember, BTS is one unit,” concluded another.