BTS J-Hope Is A Real Jack In A Box

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Ummm, yes. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t notice and didn’t really care about this comeback either. I’m excited for J-Hope and what he’s about to achieve with this official solo debut and his first full-length album but his pre-release track More told me everything I needed to know about his musical path for this project. I’ll keep it short: this is not my cup of tea and I can admit that and also that few people would really enjoy this type of music and listen to it! You do it, I won’t be listening to any of this after this review and I hope you can take it too! Let’s take a look.

Arson is actually a great follow-up to More because it has the same vibe and feel. This continues the set theme. This song may not offer as much emo rock as More in the chorus, but it’s still in the dark and angsty hip hop genre that J-Hope seems to enjoy for this comeback. Actually I think the song is pretty cool and sounds interesting, I wouldn’t be looking for this to listen to myself. The chorus gets a little more intense but I feel the instrumental remains the same throughout the song and doesn’t offer much for me to hold onto. Melody can’t be found because it’s a rap song but I was hoping for a catchy chorus or something, oh well. I believe the message that J-Hope sends in the lyrics is powerful and important. Just that.

As for the album, all the songs follow almost the same musical style. I can see the appeal but it passes me again two songs that I actually put on my playlist and which I think have a nice chill feel to them are Safe Zone and Future. I love that I get a vibe with honesty it’s a melody! Well, best wishes from me to J-Hope with this album good luck whether I like it or not!

I didn’t think that J-Hope’s return would gather the entire khh&kr&b industry for a launch party, but I’m definitely living for all these interactions we’ve had. I’ve really come to enjoy More which has an approach and sounds pretty much the opposite of what you’d expect someone to release in the summer which is pretty cool. I didn’t expect J-Hope to handle sound like that and I think it works really well. Burning, on the other hand, is decidedly much quieter but also continues the same path from the pre-release and the concept is dark and gritty. This may not be something I listen to actively but it’s interesting.

I think Arson’s quality comes with the lyrics. While it’s not a song I’ve listened to musically often, I really think the lyrics carry more layers – which is to be expected from a rapper and artist like Hoseok. I actually quite dug into Arson’s instrumental because it creates an atmosphere that fits the lyrics and description and that’s why I love Arson’s outro so much. J-Hope has always had a unique flow and it came as a good thing to be distinctive this time as well. This song developed in me after two more listens which is something I was hoping for. There are a lot of raw attitudes and feelings in this that bias me. It’s interesting to have something so jittery in mid-July but it works. Is Arson something I’ll be listening to a lot? I don’t think so because it’s definitely not my main style of music but time will tell – maybe I’ll go back to it again.

This album, as Lina puts it, is very similar in sound and style to the cool title track. The Safety Zone that Lina highlighted is also a b-side that I like (although Safety Zone will definitely always remind me of the DMTN song of the same name which is one of my favorite k-pop songs of all time) but what stands out is the song from the album is How if… which is immediately unsettling and successful. The lyrics are also great here and ask the real question. I think the reason What if… speaks to me the most is because it reminds me of most of BTS’s rapline songs from their albums and I’ve always loved them. J-Hope fits this flow and style very well.

It’s a sound that not everyone will like, even if you’re a BTS fan, but it’s interesting and there’s definitely something different today from the mainstream artist that makes it stand out. It’s not necessarily something I listen to often, but it’s also the kind of music you should listen to in certain moods – when you really feel what the songs are talking about. I finally liked this lemore than I thought overall.