BTS: is there a long way to go before the boyband sings in Spanish? This said RM


Are ARMY ready to hear BTS members sing in Spanish? In this note we give you all the details

BTS , one of the most popular South Korean groups worldwide, seems ready to expand its market to Latin music , which is why ARMY Latin America is very excited to hear their idols singing in Spanish.

The K-Pop boyband has positioned itself in the music industry in Europe and America thanks to the enormous support they receive from their fans. And now, BTS is heading to Latin music, since RM, leader and rapper of Bangtan, confirmed that they are ready to sing in the Spanish language.

During the “Muster Sowoozoo” event, Jimin and RM sang in Spanish, covering “Chicken Noodle Soup” , J-Hope ‘s collaboration with Latin artist Becky G. The rapper congratulated them and the BTS leader assured that they have been perfecting their Spanish and are ready to enter the Latin market through the front door.

BTS’s RM surprised his fans in Latin America with his recent comments about their plans to continue releasing new songs, including non-South Korean and English songs.

Given this, ARMY assures that it will not be long before BTS launches a collaboration or song in Spanish, since HYBE, the company in charge of BTS , bought Ithaca Holdings , a firm under which artists like J Balvin are , so the possibilities are immense and ARMY knows it very well.

Recall that during the 2022 Billboard Music Awards , the boyband won three of the six awards for which they were nominated. The categories won by BTS were best duo/group, best-selling artist for a song and best-selling song, the latter category for their song “ Butter ”.