BTS in the SEOM: Jungkook once again showed off as a cartoonist in the video game logo

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How was the logo for “BTS Island: in the SEOM” created? K-pop stars put their graphic skills to the test in new video.

Jungkook , the golden maknae of BTS, brought out his well -known talent with the pencil to “save” the logo of “BTS Island: in the SEOM” and make the idea that Jin raised come true. This was revealed in episode 2 of the series showing how the new Bangtan Boys video game was created.

“BTS becomes a video game developer” is a content that is published every Tuesday while the fandom waits for the release of “BTS in the SEOM” for Android and iOS.

This time, the group was given the mission to create the logo, and the original idea was narrated by Jin. The oldest of the boyband thought of using the whale , a significant symbol for the fandom in reference to the song “Whalien 52″, and placing the island with the animated characters on it.

The seven members had to take turns drawing and had 60 to 30 seconds to give their input on the canvas. The first attempt failed, but the second did have potential.

Instead of illustrating a whale like in the cartoons, Jungkook opted for the actual form of the sea animal. With that base, the rest of the members continued with more elements.

Jimin added a campfire and extended the island. Taehyung drew clouds, Jin added a tree, while RM and the supporting designer placed the text. J-Hope introduced a camping tent to the drawing and Suga placed a water fountain.

In the third round, all the idols fine-tuned details at the same time. This is how the current logo that appears in the video game was reached.

The next episode of BTS In the SEOM will premiere on Tuesday, May 10, and will focus on the design of the virtual game puzzles.