BTS during their break activities the trumpet to tennis

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These are the activities of BTS members during their break, from learning the trumpet to tennis

Since the end of the concert in Los Angeles, BTS is still enjoying their long vacation.

This is certainly very well deserved, considering BTS s busy schedule so far.

However, according to RM , Suga , and Jimin , the long vacation doesn’t mean they aren’t doing something. Both RM , Jin, Suga , J-Hope , Jimin , V BTS , and Jungkook , did a lot of things during the break.

In fact, according to them, BTS is also still working on and making music during this long break.

In fact, they made updates in their studio and did a number of other activities.

J-Hope has been teasing ARMY for a while about all the time he spends in his studio!

However, the most important thing above all is that the BTS members take care of their health. From quarantine to surgery, long breaks are the perfect time to resolve health-related issues.

The different members have also spent some time receiving lessons for various things. For example Jungkook who recently showed off his dance lessons!

V BTS is also honing his trumpet skills, while Jimin admits he is honing his English skills.

Meanwhile, RM admitted to planning to get driving lessons to get a driver’s license.

Meanwhile, Jin is also working on his hobbies around cooking and food, as he once shared through his Instagram.

In addition, Jimin tried a completely new perm hairstyle. He also admitted that he was studying tennis.