BTOB’s Hyunsik Positive for COVID-19, Postpone All Activities


BTOB has just made a comeback with the release of their third full album titled Be Together. After undergoing promotions, one of the members tested positive for COVID-19.
According to an official statement released by Cube Entertainment, Hyunsik has tested positive for COVID-19. The BTOB member underwent a PCR test and tested positive on March 8, 2022.

“BTOB member, Im Hyunsik, tested positive for COVID-19 today, Tuesday (8/3). On March 7, Im Hyunsik underwent a rapid test before undergoing activities as a precautionary measure. He was confirmed positive,” said Cube Entertainment.

The results stated that he was positive for COVID-19 today, Tuesday (8/3),” he continued.

The management said Hyunsik had received a booster injection before testing positive for COVID-19. He also had to postpone all scheduled activities and undergo self-quarantine.

“Previously, Im Hyunsik had undergone a booster vaccination. He has currently decided to postpone all activity schedules and follow the recommendations of the medical team,” said Cube Entertainment.

We will do our best for the health and safety of our artists,” he concluded.

BTOB previously made a comeback with the release of the album Be Together. The Song is the main song promoted in this comeback.

The Song is a song composed by Hyunsik, whose lyrics were written by Hyunsik and Peniel. The lyrics of the song are dedicated to fans who have been waiting for their return as a group. Through this album, BTOB shows their more mature side.

The album Be Together was released after all of the BTOB members were discharged from the military. This album was also released after Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, and Peniel participated in the Kingdom: Legendary Way event from April to June 2021.