Bruno Fernandes Leaks Ralf Rangnick’s Claim for Manchester United Players


Bruno Fernandes believes his team-mates have played very well in the 1-0 win over Crystal Palace. Manchester United picked up a crucial victory in the Premier League .

Sunday (5/12/2021), MU beat Palace through Fred’s single goal in the second half. This is United’s first game under Ralf Rangnick

Even though he hasn’t had much time to work, Rangnick is starting to show a bit of his touch for team change. United played very aggressively in yesterday’s match, especially in the first 45 minutes.

Bruno Fernandes himself admits there is a slight difference in United’s game. What did he say?

Instructions to suppress the opponent
Rangnick is known for his aggressive, intense football and high-pressure line. MU is not yet perfect in implementing the changes, but there is clearly a difference in MU’s appearance in the match.

Bruno Fernandes leaked that Rangnick had emphasized the importance of pressing the opponent. That’s what the players try to do in the game.

“It depends on the game. Sometimes you have to press a little bit more intensely, sometimes you have to reduce the pressure,” Bruno said on

“Every player knows that’s what the coach wants from us. We have to press more, have to be more aggressive. We tried to do that today.”

Amazing in the first half
Bruno also admitted that United played exceptionally in the first half. Even though they didn’t score, they presented an impressive game that looked promising.

We played at a high tempo and we didn’t give them space,” continued Bruno.

“We won a lot of balls in attack. In my opinion, we should have scored a lot of goals in the first half. There were at least three ripe opportunities that we should have maximized.”

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Bruno Fernandes Can’t Wait to Taste Ralf Rangnick’s Tactic Mix

Manchester United playmaker , Bruno Fernandes is very enthusiastic about the arrival of Ralf Rangnick . He can’t wait to see the German manager’s tactical mix.

Two weeks ago, Manchester United took an important decision. They officially fired Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from their manager’s chair.

The Red Devils took about a week to find a replacement for Solskjaer. They officially hired Ralf Rangnick as their new tactician.

Fernandes admitted that he could not wait to be coached by the manager. “Everyone can’t wait to work with our new manager,” Fernandes told MUTV.

Want to steal attention
Fernandes mentioned that all MU players are very excited about Rangnick’s presence. They want to steal the manager’s attention so they can be core players.

All our players have the same chances of getting a psyche on this team,” he said.

“All our players are working hard to get into the starting XI. We will meet him [Rangnick] tomorrow and we will prepare for the next game,”

Tribute to Carrick
On the same occasion Fernandes paid tribute to Michael Carrick. He thinks the manager has contributed a lot during his time at MU.

“I was actually mad at him [Carrick] after I was proposed against Villarreal. But a coach has to make a decision like this,”

“I see he will be a great coach in the future. He knows how to talk to players, and if he is given the opportunity he will be a top coach,” he said.

Premier League
Manchester United will experience Rangnick’s tactical mix for the first time this weekend.

The Red Devils will play at Old Trafford, where Crystal Palace will be Rangnick’s first opponent.