Bruce Willis Movie, Deadlock, Will Enliven Lionsgate Play In April 2022!


Action movie fans are certainly no stranger to one of Hollywood’s legendary action actors, namely Bruce Willis. Even at his young age, Willis is still active in starring in action films. But at the end of March 2022, Willis made shocking news by announcing his retirement from acting.

Willis decided to quit acting because the actor suffers from aphasia, which is a communication disorder caused by damage to the brain. This news is certainly quite sad, especially for those of you who are Willis fans. However, you can entertain yourself by watching one of Willis’ latest films that aired on Lionsgate Play.

To celebrate a year of its presence in Indonesia in April 2022, Lionsgate Play presents Willis’ film Deadlock (2021) as one of the exclusive contents. Deadlock tells the story of Ron Whitlock (Willis), a fugitive criminal who leads a team of mercenaries on a mission of revenge.

Convinced that the government is working against them, Ron’s mercilessly brutal group seize the energy generator and take everyone hostage. Then, a retired ranger fights them to save thousands of lives before it’s too late. Besides Deadlock, Lionsgate Play also presents an exclusive series this month.

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An exclusive series coming to Lionsgate Play in April 2022 is Mrs. Wilson. This British historical drama series tells the story of a widow who discovers that she is not the only wife his husband has married. The more she uncovers the story of her dead husband, the more things come to light that put her in danger.