Brendan Fraser Asked to Play This Character in Uncharted


Brendan Fraser ‘s name has been buzzing again after he was asked by fans to appear in the film Uncharted and play Victor Sullivan, the main villain.
Unfortunately it could not be realized because the role had fallen into the hands of Mark Wahlberg. And criticism was also thrown by the video game fans who felt that something was missing between Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg’s relationship.

“Imagine Brendan with his mustache, cigarettes and slicked back hair and colorful clothes when talking about his women. I feel it fits very well,” wrote one netizen.

Actor Brendan Fraser had become an idol in the era of the 90s to the early 2000s. With a big tall stature, handsome, but ridiculous, he is always chosen in action-comedy themed films.

Brendan started his career on the big screen in the comedy film Encino Man (1992), where he appeared as a caveman trying to adapt to life in the 20th century. It also made many viewers and producers interested, he seemed to have the talent to play the character.

Then came the almost similar roles as in George of the Jungle (1997), where he played George, a man raised by gorillas in the forest, whose story is almost like Tarzan. The success of the film also spawned a sequel six years later.

But the film trilogy Mummy that raised his name to a mega star in Hollywood and around the world. Playing the character of Richard O’Connell, an adventurer who explores ancient Egyptian artifacts, Brendan managed to make people fall in love with him even more. He has been struggling with this character for nine years.

A little bored with comedy films, he also tried out drama films by appearing in Gods and Monsters (1998) with Sir Ian McKellen, then The Quiet American (2002) and co-starring with Sir Michael Caine.

In 2014 he reportedly resigned and disappeared from the entertainment world after a year before appearing on Breakout. Then suddenly his appearance with a burly body became more and more stocky, what’s wrong?

In an interview in 2016, Brendan Fraser said that he was depressed and decided to quit several previous film projects. When asked about the boycott issue that happened to him, the actor did not want to confirm or deny it.

He also admitted that he suffered prolonged injuries from the action scenes he had done in his previous films, such as knee surgery to vocal cords. In fact, for seven years he went back and forth to the hospital regularly.

The dark storm in his life began with his divorce from Afton Smith in 2009. After that he also lost his mother, Carol Mary, who died in 2016 and was quite devastated by the incident. The ordeal came again, in 2018 he was sued for a sexual harassment case that occurred in 2003 in Beverly Hills.

Actually Brendan Fraser did not really disappear from the world of entertainment. He still appears even though he no longer has big roles, such as voicing Robotman in the Doom Patrol series since 2018.