Breakdown trailer for Black Adam


1. Alien ship suspected of belonging to Thanagarian

The trailer opens with the appearance of a plane flying over the snowy mountains. If you pay attention, the plane that appears seems to have more advanced technology than the technology on Earth. It is possible that the plane that appears in the trailer opening is Thanagarian’s plane. For information, Thanagarian is an alien race from the planet Thanagar and has a connection with Hawkman, a character who will also appear in Black Adam .

2. Black Adam being healed or resurrected?

After the plane scene, you can see Black Adam in an unconscious (or dead?) state being carried by a group of people surrounded by various advanced technologies. If you pay attention, the unconscious Black Adam is seen wearing clothes from the past when he was still a slave in Egypt.

Then, Black Adam is put into a tube that uses cryo technology . The question is, were the people who froze Black Adam Thanagarian or some other figure who arrived in Ancient Egypt to save Black Adam? Is this the reason that made Black Adam appear in modern times?

3. Pierce Brosnan as Kent Nelson or Doctor Fate

During the scene of the plane and Black Adam being put into the tube, you can hear someone say, “Black Adam, what did you get from your power? Just sorrow.” Apparently, the person who did the dialogue was Kent Nelson or better known as Doctor Fate. Interestingly, Doctor Fate is played by a well-known actor, namely Pierce Brosnan, a figure who once played James Bond.

4. Black Adam’s past as an Egyptian slave

The Black Adam trailer also shows a bit of the DC character’s past. Before getting his powers, Black Adam was a slave who lived in Ancient Egypt and whose real name was Teth-Adam. During a scene from the sad past, you can hear Black Adam say, “I was a slave until I died. Then I was reborn as a god.”

You can see how Teth-Adam was tortured until he was thrown into the abyss. When Teth-Adam is thrown, he is wearing the same outfit as the scene when he was put in a cryo tube . Did this Teth-Adam get thrown in before he was put in the tube?

5. Pain in his past makes Black Adam reluctant to submit to anyone

Besides suffering as a slave, Teth-Adam also has other bitter memories where he lost his son who sacrificed for his father. This film seems to want to show how the bitter life of Teth-Adam made him transform into a Black Adam who did not want to submit to anyone.

During the trailer showing Black Adam’s past, you can also see various scenes where Black Adam rises up and attacks the people around him to destroy the place.

6. Hawkman

After a scene that shows the bitter past of Black Adam, the trailer then introduces the various characters who are members of the JSA. The first JSA member to be shown was Hawkman who appeared in his gold costume which was so luxurious and sturdy.

The costume used by Hawkman is made of Nth Metal, a metal originating from the planet Thanagar. Nth Metal has the ability to negate gravity, allowing Hawkman to fly while wearing his costume. In this film, Hawkman is played by Aldis Hodge and becomes the leader of the JSA.

7. Atom Smasher

The giant character running in the trailer is Albert Rothstein or better known as Atom Smasher. Obviously he can become a giant because Atom Smasher can control its molecular structure so it can manipulate its size and strength. In addition to being a giant, Atom Smasher of course also has the ability to be small. This character is played by Noah Centineo.

8. Doctor Fate in costume

Previously, we’ve seen Pierce Brosnan’s performance as Kent Nelson but without wearing the costume. The good news, the Black Adam trailer also shows Kent’s appearance in his Doctor Fate costume. Before appearing in costume, you can see Kent first wearing a helmet.

Doctor Fate is a member of the JSA who has magical abilities and is equipped with a magic helmet called the Helmet of Fate. The helmet can provide an unlimited supply of magical energy to the user.

9. Cyclone

After the Doctor Fate scene, you can see a green spinning object. Eits, it’s not an object, but another JSA member named Maxine Hunkel or better known as Cyclone. Played by Quintessa Swindell, Cyclone has the ability to control wind and control sound waves.

10. Black Adam has the opposite ideology with the JSA

Those of you who are DC fans, of course, already know that Black Adam is known as Shazam’s nemesis in the comics universe. However, Black Adam seems to be more directed to be an antihero in the DCEU. JSA seems to be planning to form Black Adam as a superhero. Unfortunately, Black Adam’s ideology is not in line with SJA.

In one scene, Hawkman is seen advising Black Adam by saying, “Heroes don’t kill people.” Instead of obeying, Black Adam even seemed to challenge Hawkman by saying, “I kill.” Then, you can see Black Adam throw the person who hit him with an iron.

11. Doctor Fate has seen the future of Black Adam

Doctor Fate, who has magical abilities, has seen the future of Black Adam. There are two choices that could happen with his future Black Adam: he can destroy or save the world with his powers. This film seems to be showing the inner struggles of Black Adam, does he want to be a savior or do he want to be a destroyer?