Bradley Cooper almost left the acting career a few years ago


The role of Paul Thomas Anderson, the star of success in the Hangover Trilogy, The Sunny Side, the American Scandal, and Star Born Success, has been brought back to life.

Bradley Cooper recently revealed that he had almost stopped acting, but Paul Thomas Anderson offered him a role in his newfilm, Licorice Pizza , so he finally changed his mind. The 47-year-old actor, who has had success for years with films such as The Hangover Trilogy, The Sunny Side , The American Scandal and Star (of which he was not only one of the main characters, he was also the director), in a recent interview he talked about being on the verge of giving up his profession a few years ago.

The reason I didn’t stop acting was Paul Thomas Anderson. When he called me that maybe I could be in his movie, I felt, but really, that would be good too, ah, I would just open a door. I would do anything.

The story of Licorice Pizza , set in America in the 1970s, is centered on the stormy relationship between a street-grown child actor (Cooper Hoffman) and an older woman named Alana (Alana Haim). Bradley Cooper appears in a minor side role: he plays the real-life film producer Jon Peterst – who happens to be the producer of the 1976 and 2018 Stars , but also starred in films like Flashdance , The Blood Chase , Rainman , Batman , Batman Returns , and Tango and Cash .