Box Office World: Spider-Man pushed out of the top five by Chinese hits


One of the most important periods in the global box office is behind us – the beginning of the Chinese year. On this occasion, a total of eight premieres were introduced to cinemas in the Middle Kingdom. Seven of them made it into the top ten and five in the top five.

Nearly a billion dollars of Chinese production

The most enthusiastic forecasts suggesting that the first six days of February will be a record period in Chinese cinema have yet to materialize. This forecast is justified to the extent that the authorities approve a sizeable increase in ticket prices. However, in the end, in the first six days, his earnings amounted to about $943 million, which is the second best achievement in history. However, a year ago, the yield was much higher – USD 1.2 billion.

As expected, the biggest hit was the patriotic war show reminiscent of the heroic struggle between China and America, “Zhang Jin Hu Zhi Shui Men Qiao” (“Battle on Changjin Lake II: Watergate Bridge”). Over the weekend alone, the film grossed $154.1 million. Since its premiere on February 1, it has won $397.7 million. This year, no premiere in the world can boast of such an achievement.

However, the audience for this film was slightly below many people’s expectations. The six-day result is the same as last year’s “Tang Ren Jie Tan An 3” (Chinatown Detective 3) obtained in three days. It seems that the main reason is too early release. The film is nominally a sequel to “Zhang Jin Hu”, which was the first film in the history of Chinese cinematography to gross over 900 million dollars. This patriotic spectacle only hit theaters last fall, on the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

The biggest surprise of this year’s New Year’s Eve season was the comedy “Zhege Shashou Bu Tai Lengjing” (Too Cool To Kill). The film has been losing viewership very slowly since its debut on February 1. As a result, he earned $111.9 million over the weekend, and $218.3 million in six days.

The drama “Qi ji ben xiao hai” (Beautiful Scenery) is number three of the Chinese box office and our list. The story of a 20-year-old woman who fought desperately with time and money to save her sister who was in dire need of surgery earned $45.8 million over the weekend. On February 1, the total proceeds to $108 million.

The latest installment of the popular animated series for children landed in fourth place. “Xiong chu mo: Chong fan di qiu” (Bonnie Bears: Back to Earth) won $39.1 million in its first weekend. Another 50 million earned earlier, so he has a total of $89.4 million in his account.

The top five of our list is complemented by another war spectacle from the Korean War – “Ju Ji Shou” (Sniper). The film had a fairly successful weekend – $22.9 million. The first days of watching were weaker and he had a total of $41.3 million in his account.

The eighth place on our list was taken by a story about a father and son journey on a motorbike called “Si Hai” (Only Fools in a Hurry). This film had a fantastic start, but lost audiences very quickly. This is why his six-day earnings hit $74.4 million, but over the weekend he only made $12.3 million.

The animated sports comedy “Xi yang yang yu hui tai lang zhi kuang chu wei lai” (Dunk for Future) is at the very end of our top ten. The weekend earnings of the film were $ 5.5 million, and six days – $ 15.4 million.

Box Office World: American Movies in Top 10

Honor of the West is defended with three titles in the latest box office rankings. The best production remains Spider-Man: No Way Home, which grossed another $15.6 million. This makes it the sixth place on our list. Foreign influence from comic book shows currently amounts to USD 1.027 billion, and global influence USD 1.77 billion.

The film takes full advantage of the situation in Denmark, where all restrictions have just been lifted and makes $1.1 million on a fine day. Animation also did fantastically in the UK, where it won $6.6 million over its second weekend.

The best Hollywood novelties – “Moonfall” – landed in ninth place. The exact data is unknown. However, we estimate that the film earns a min. USD 6.9 million, and Kino Info reports that since its premiere on Wednesday, it has grossed USD 9.5 million. This was not a memorable start to Roland Emmerich’s show, which was produced with an international audience in mind.