BOSS LEVEL (2020) a comedy-drama produced by Jason Blum


Involving appearances from Patrick Wilson, Chris Pine, and Jessica Alba, but was canceled in theaters for release via video on demand services – Joe Carnahan back into the directing chair for Boss Level . The film, which marks Carnahan’s first time directing a science fiction storyline, has actually completed its production process in early 2018 with a release schedule in the summer of 2019. Ironically, just like Stretch , the distributor of Boss Levelalso chose to leave the film, starring Frank Grillo, which automatically also then made it fail to appear on the cinema screen according to the scheduled time. It wasn’t until late 2020 that Boss Level caught the attention of a number of movie distributors – including streaming service Hulu – who then bought the rights to the film and started releasing it in early 2021. Bad luck Carnahan “hsgfedyeswg“.

With a story script written by Carnahan together with the scriptwriter duo Chris Borey and Eddie Borey ( Open Grave , 2013), Boss Level applies the concept of storytelling that involves the occurrence of a time loop – a situation where one/some characters must be trapped in a time loop before he/she/ they can solve a mystery that can get them out of the repeated time travel – in the main plot of the story. It is said, for hundreds of times, a former special forces soldier, Roy Pulver (Grillo), must wake up in the morning with a number of people who come to attack to kill his life. Hundreds of times? Yep. Once Roy Pulver tries and fails to fight these people, the death that comes to Roy Pulver will cause time to replay to the first minute he opened his eyes in the morning. After going through the same steps over and over again, Roy Pulver begins to gather information about who is behind all the problems that are now also threatening the lives of his ex-wife, Jemma Wells ( Naomi Watts ), and their son, Joe ( Rio Grillo ).


The plot of the story that involves the existence of a time loop seems to be an inspiration for many filmmakers in recent times. After Source Code (Duncan Jones, 2011) and Edge of Tomorrow (Doug Liman, 2014), last year audiences were treated to Palm Springs (Max Barbakow, 2020) and Patience is a Test (Anggy Umbara, 2020). Boss Level itself is the second film this year that uses the concept of a time loop story after The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (Ian Samuels, 2021) which was released in early February “tyeywhdbbs“. Not like Source Code or Edge of Tomorrowwhich both use action story elements in their use of the time loop story concept , Boss Level feels more flexible in telling the story. Not too focused or tied to the usual rules has always been an emphasis on the story of similar films. It is not surprising that Boss Level is then able to present a series of action scenes with maximum intensity.

At the same time, it is undeniable that the focus that is placed on the execution of a series of action scenes in this film makes Boss Level lose its grip on conflict and character development. With names like Watts, Mel Gibson , Michelle Yeoh , Annabelle Wallis , to Ken Jeongbeing in the line of filling the acting department of this film, the story script of this film feels a waste of his acting talent when many characters appear with a portion of the story that is far from the maximum impression. Just look at how the character of Colonel Clive Ventor, played by Gibson, is said to be the main target for the adventures of the main character but is then executed with a final scene that is far from impressive. Chris Borey and Eddie Borey also tried to give a layer of emotional story to the main character of the film through the characters played by Watts and Rio Grillo. Quite capable of presenting a number of strong moments although it never felt really significant.

Carnahan seems to have made Boss Level a place to show a line of brutal and explosive action scenes and provide space for Grillo to show off his charisma as the main action actor. The choice to present this film with a fast storytelling rhythm makes the storyline move dynamically. The story execution of the time loop concept that is presented like a video game is also not bad. Carnahan is able to make his time loop story appear convincing with a number of descriptions in several parts of the film. And, of course, Grillo’s strong appearance becomes the most powerful and prominent quality element throughout the Boss Level presentation. The character played by Grillo may seem like a tough male character who can face any challenge that is in front of him. Even so, Grillo was able to prove that he was also able to handle a number of story elements that were both comedy and drama which then made his appearance even more attractive. Pretty fun.