Boruto: What’s Amado’s Special Power?

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Amado is a very interesting and also extraordinary villain character introduced in the series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Amado himself is a scientist owned by the Kara organization, an evil organization that appears in the series who is currently in Konoha because he asked for help to defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Amado is also known as an intelligent scientist, he can even be considered the most intelligent scientist in the Boruto series. The intelligence he has has produced many terrible ninja weapons that are used in combat. In fact, not just weapons. Amado also created a cyborg similar to a human to later become a member of Kara.

Some of them are Boro, Delta, Code, Ao, Eida, and many others. Everything is made by Amado. Many fans then gave rise to theories about the mysterious figure of Amado, one of which was whether Amado was actually an Otsutsuki or had the power of Otsutsuki.

Many fans still don’t understand or don’t understand how Amado is able to give his cyborg extraordinary abilities. For example, how Amado was able to give Eida the ability to see into the past or the present. However, speaking of Amado’s strength, there is also another ability of the scientist.

There is a quite interesting theory presented by a fan named @Hidden_Leif in which it is explained that Amado’s real strength is not his intelligence, but control or control. How Amado to do this is arguably very crazy.

Even so, there are many clues that support his theory as described by the theorists. First, when Amado was in the interrogation room with Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Naruto they briefly discussed Isshiki’s figure controlling Jigen’s body using the Sukunahikona technique and then entering through Jigen’s ear.

Before Amado explained about it, he laughed which made Shikamaru angry. Amado later explained that it was a “misunderstanding.” However, according to his theory what Amado actually had in mind was that he wanted to do the same thing to everyone in the room – control them.

Another evidence is that when Delta’s drone returned to Kara’s base, one of the panels showed Amado doing research on his computer. He is doing research on the human body. And if geeks pay close attention, Jigen is also researching ears.

When Kashin Koji arrived to kill Jigen, Amado had said that he managed to have a secret weapon thanks to the data collected. Previously, Kashin Koji had become the target of the Ino-Shika-Cho team where they chased the Kara member. What’s interesting is that before they chased Kashin Koji, Kakashi had time to give earpieces to the three young shinobi.

Koji then said that the data that had been collected had nothing to do with Amado’s main goal. Then, what does that mean? It turned out that this information helped Kashin Koji and Amado find where the Ino-Shika-Cho team was. The three shinobi trained outside because they were annoyed, they were unable to catch Kashin Koji the day before.

When Amado arrives and meets up with the team, Amado is then seen hitting Shikadai by injecting something into his ear. Amado explained that it was just an ordinary medicine, which seemed impossible that it was just an ordinary medicine. Actually, kidnapping or taking Shikadai as a hostage was not part of Amado’s main plan.

However, this will certainly catch Shikamaru off guard and lose his composure, which is evident. Then there was another interesting incident when Kawaki entered the room where Amado was. Amado said he was glad Kawaki was there. He wanted to see things with his own eyes.

Amado is considered to have known that Kawaki’s Karma would disappear. Thus, he had to check something from Kawaki’s body. When the Karma in Kawaki’s body disappeared due to Jigen’s death by Kashin Koji, small particles appeared floating in the air. Amado himself seemed to be paying close attention to the moment.

According to the theory, Amado may have used his modified eye as a microscope to examine the phenomenon. What’s also interesting is that in the previous chapter, Katasuke had told Kawaki that Kawaki’s blood was filled with nanoparticles (nanomachines). This seems to confirm that Kawaki’s entire body is a tool.

If then inside Kawaki’s body there is a “tool” to control Kawaki (whether a virus, nanoparticles, etc.) the virus could spread and “infect” others. If geeks notice, since then everyone in Konoha seems to have slowly started to believe in Amado – although there is still a bit of suspicion towards him.

Shikamaru surprisingly has no plans to confront Isshiki, when he appears in Konoha. This is considered to be the first sign of how Amado is starting to get things under control. How Kawaki kept hearing Amado’s voice which frustrated Kawaki could also be an indication that Amado seemed to be controlling him.

Of the many people who managed to be “controlled” by Amado, Sasuke was the only one who managed to escape from it. Sasuke realized that something strange was happening. Sasuke himself saw Konoha shinobi doing the futile task of monitoring the former Claw Marks Code which Sasuke thought was a diversion.

Why then Sasuke can withstand the control of Amado? It’s possible that Sasuke already has a resistance to control thanks to his past with Orochimaru. If then Amado really manages to control everyone, it’s only a matter of time for Amado to then bring Kawaki out of Konoha village.

So, in conclusion, Amado used some sort of microscopic ninja tool to control people through their ears. The concept is similar to Isshiki controlling Jigen by ear. It is still unknown which characters or figures have been successfully controlled by Amado other than the Konoha shinobi. What is certain is that Amado is believed to be the biggest criminal and the main villain of the series, much like the figure of Black Zetsu who controls various events in the Naruto series.