Boruto Review Chapter 47: Kashin Koji is Jiraiya? (Spoilers)


The fight between Jigen and Kashin Koji, which started in chapter 45 and continued to Boruto chapter 47, brought the loyal watchmen of the Boruto manga to a new chapter that fans had long rumored about. Yes, the outbreak of Kashin Koji’s mask in the battle and the appearance for the first time of the mysterious face that had been hidden behind him.

After reading Boruto chapter 47, there are several other events and puzzles that meet common ground and lead to answers that are broken down into fragments of truths, both about Ohtsutsuki and about the Karma seal that exists in Kawaki.

Until in the end, it raises new questions that make the reader guess the theses-antithesis of these questions.

Here are some new facts presented in Manga Boruto chapter 47

Ishikki Ohtsutsuki Shows His Real Form
When he began to be pressed in the fight against Kashin Koji, Jigen aka Isshiki Ohtsutsuki was forced to finally decide to use Jigen’s body as a vessel to revive himself.

Although in the previous chapter, Amado had explained that Jigen was not the perfect vessel for Isshiki because he could not accommodate Isshiki’s chakra which was so large. If he was resurrected through Jigen’s body, then it wouldn’t last long. And, of course Isshiki consciously understood that.

However, the unexpected happened. He resurrected himself through Jigen’s body, until there were several changes in that body. The hair and beard look like they are plaited and the head has horns, exactly the same as the picture Sasuke found in chapter 35.

His eyes also changed patterns (similar to the Rinne Sharingan?). Meanwhile, elsewhere, Naruto et al are still busy digging up facts about Isshiki Ohtsutsuki from Amado which one by one seeded the answers.

Kawaki’s Karma Seal Disappear
When Amado explained one by one the questions from Naruto, Sasuke, to Shikamaru, for some reason suddenly Kawaki who saw from outside the room ran in and attacked Amado.

Swiftly, Sasuke immediately stopped Kawaki’s action. Boruto, who came in to help Kawaki up after falling, was surprised by the loss of the Karma seal in Kawaki’s hand.

Boruto’s surprise was then explained by Amado that when the Karma Jigen seal was activated by Isshiki, the Karma seal in Kawaki’s hand immediately disappeared. This is due to the absolute working pattern of the Karma seal system which eliminates the double reduplication of Ohtsutsuki’s awakening.

And if Isshiki dies with Jigen’s body, he won’t be able to resurrect in Kawaki’s body. It was a process and a little time consuming to wait for the body to be ready to duplicate Isshiki’s data and use it.

His theses would work like that. A cunning attempt from Isshiki when he realized that it would not last long in Jigen’s body, so he would quickly be able to take over Kawaki’s body.

In fact, in the past when he tried to take Kawaki back from Naruto’s protection, he was able to break out of Kawaki’s Karma in an instant, so that his fight with Naruto and Sasuke in another dimension was inevitable.

If this is true, the question is why didn’t he just resurrect himself through Jigen’s body and be able to quickly take over Kawaki’s body?

Because, at that time Isshiki who was still in Jigen’s form was spying on Kashin Koji who always acted according to his wishes. Also, he had long known what Kashin Koji was up to. He also seemed to be waiting for the right moment for that and that moment was now.

And, the only way to keep Kawaki’s body from being taken over by Isshiki is to kill Kawaki himself. That was the reason why Kawaki attacked Amado.

Kashin Koji is Jiraiya?
In the final panel of the manga Boruto chapter 47, when Isshiki has awakened and the Karma seal on Kawaki’s hand has disappeared, Isshiki attacks Kashin Koji. His mask fell to the ground.

The last panel shows a figure who has been dead during the Naruto era; Jiraiya, one of the characters who was unable to be in Edo Tensei by Kabuto during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Jiraiya is also one of Naruto’s teachers who is like a father to him. Kashin Koji’s face really looks like Jiraiya’s face with a small circle near his nose.

In this final panel, the answers to the questions of Boruto lovers are finally answered since the beginning of the appearance of Kashin Koji who physically resembles Jiraiya’s body until many speculate that he is Jiraiya. However, not a few of Naruto fans said that Jiraiya’s presence was one of the ridiculous plot twists and seemed to be fabricated.

Everything can “possible” happen, because since Jiraiya’s death, his body has never been found and the discussion about it slowly begins to disappear. Jiraiya has been considered dead on the pretext of Masashi Kisimoto so that Naruto can become stronger after losing the person he loves. It’s proven. Naruto became strong until he managed to become Hokage.

And the characters that can be in Edo Tensei are only characters whose cells were successfully taken by Kabuto. In fact, Kabuto failed to get Jiraiya’s cell because his body sank into the deepest sea.

In the final panel, Isshiki said to Kashin Koji, “Kashin Koji, the clone of Jiraiya of the three great sages. You who will die here is a fate that has been determined by your genes! (Indonesian translation version)”

Duaaaaaaaaar!!! Jiraiya clone? Who had stolen or obtained Jiraiya’s body during the Naruto Era!? Amado huh!? Means…