Boruto Review Chapter 46: Boruto Must Die So Momoshiki Doesn’t Resurrect? (Spoilers)


For those of you who have been waiting for a long time, the Boruto Chapter 46 manga entitled True Identity has finally been officially released. Two stories from two different places are looking forward to the continuation for Boruto fans.

First, the battle between Kashin Koji and Jigen at Kara’s headquarters, where at that time Jigen was recovering his chakra which was estimated to be only 10% left after a great fight with Naruto and Sasuke in another dimension. It was at this moment that Kashin Koji used it to attack and kill Jigen.

Second, Amado’s defection to the village of Konoha is slowly starting to show a little light on the mystery of Karma and Kara. The battle of Kashin Koji and Jigen was watched live by Naruto and his friends through Amado’s glasses which were connected through Kashin Koji’s frog eyes which were like large projectors.

Kashin Koji and Amado have been wanting to kill Jigen, the imperfect vessel that Isshiki Ohtsutsuki uses as a host for a long time. That was Kashin Koji’s purpose in this world.

Perseteruan Isshiki dan Kaguya
Isshiki, who in the past had a feud with Kaguya about the chakra tree, was badly injured and almost died, finally he used Jigen, a novice monk who was nearby as his vessel. However, according to Amado, Jigen is not the perfect vessel for Isshiki, that’s why he brought Kawaki to be the next vessel.

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Well, Jigen’s imperfection as a vessel was then told by Amado to Naruto and the others in the Hokage’s office. Some of the secrets that have been tightly closed are slowly opening up. Until Amado’s statement saying that to avoid Momoshiki’s resurrection is to kill the person who has inherited the Karma seal.

Amado: Boruto Harus Mati
Yes, Uzumaki Boruto must die! Boruto must be killed from now on if he doesn’t want Momoshiki Ohtsutsuki to rise again. The moment Momoshiki’s presence first took over Boruto’s body when he fought Delta with Naruto.

Momoshiki was able to take over Boruto’s body and instantly Boruto was unconscious then turned into Ohtsutsuki mode. Delta was defeated, but he was revived via his drone .

Amado’s statement then made Naruto, Shikamaru, Sasuke, and others shocked, including Boruto himself. However, some of the peculiarities of this Otsutsuki “inheritance” pattern were noticed by Sasuke. He asked Amado some questions.

Before answering, Amado asked for protection officially and in writing to Naruto as Hokage. Naruto agreed even though he had not given a written form and Amado did not want to remove the bomb that was placed on Shikadai’s neck as a form of guarantee of his safety.

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Sasuke’s question about the process of working the Karma seal was then explained by Amado. When Momoshiki implants his Karma into Boruto, Momoshiki transforms himself into data, then replicates himself, even every second.

This means that, over time, Boruto’s personal data will be squeezed by Momoshiki’s data and Boruto’s body will be completely controlled by Momoshiki.

The real Boruto will no longer exist and the Karma seal will slowly begin to disappear from Boruto’s body too. One way to stop it, according to Amado, is to kill Boruto himself.

Genius vs Anger
A question about the Karma seal which again shows a bright spot is again presented through Sasuke. For some reason, Ukyo Kodachi, the scriptwriter, didn’t give this portion of questions through Shikamaru’s genius.

My assumption is, maybe Shikamaru is in an unstable self situation because his son Shikadai is between life and death. Maybe that’s what makes it difficult to think clearly. Who knows. Shikamaru’s intelligence is not seen in this chapter apart from his explosive emotions, unlike Shikamaru who usually looks more calm.

Sasuke then asked Amado back. According to Sasuke, if Isshiki took over and took control of Jigen’s body, why didn’t his Karma seal disappear? He assumes that if Jigen’s body still shows Karma, it means Isshiki still hasn’t awakened, just like Momoshiki in Boruto’s body. On that basis, Sasuke thought that there was something odd about the process of “inheriting” this Karma seal.

Amado returned to answer Sasuke’s question. Isshiki at that time was weak and almost died. To cultivate Karma took great effort and he didn’t have enough energy. With his secret jutsu, Sukuna-Hikona, Isshiki shrinks and enters through Jigen’s ear, then lives in Jigen’s body like a parasite and dominates Jigen’s body forever.

Isshiki planted the Karma seal so that later he could give birth to his true form again, because Jigen was not the perfect vessel for Isshiki. Because of that, Isshiki was not resurrected through Jigen, but through Kawaki, the perfect vessel.

Amado said that Isshiki should not be reborn in Kawaki’s body due to his immense power in his true form and this could be the end of the world .

Ohtsutsuki has transcended death itself and will rise again while there is still Karma. At the end of the manga Boruto chapter 46, Amado will teach Naruto etc how to kill an Ohtsutsuki. How will it go?