Boruto: Momoshiki’s Prophecy Begins to Come True!

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The figure of Momoshiki Otsutsuki may have disappeared for now, as shown in the previous chapter in the manga series Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. Momoshiki’s Otsutsukification process in Boruto’s body finally had to stop at 82% after Kawaki managed to “kill” Boruto when they both tried to defeat Code. At that time, Momoshiki was able to control Boruto again.

As they had agreed, if Momoshiki reappeared then Kawaki must be ready to kill Boruto. In fact, yesterday’s chapter 66 showed how Boruto himself asked Kawaki to kill his life. And finally that wish came true. Even so, Momoshiki doesn’t seem to want to let Boruto die.

Momoshiki then sacrificed the remaining 18% of the Otsutsukification process to revive Boruto. Because according to him, if Boruto dies, he will die too. In effect, for now Boruto can be said to be safe from Momoshiki’s threat. However, Momoshiki also once again said that something bad would happen to Boruto related to his blue eyes.

Previously, Momoshiki had also said the prophecy when he was defeated by Boruto and before he then injected his Karma into Boruto. The fans themselves are trying to find out what Momoshiki then meant. However, the possibility of the prophecy seems to have begun to be proven or real with quite a number of characters killed.

For example, the figure of Onoki, Mugino, Kurama, and most recently Kagura Karatachi. If geeks pay attention when these characters die, there is always a Boruto figure around him. For example, the most epic example is when Kurama died in the fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki. Indeed, Kurama’s death was caused by Kurama’s own sacrifice.

However, basically what Naruto did was save Boruto and Konoha. He was willing to give up his life for it, even though it was later in fact Kurama who gave himself up to defeat Isshiki. Boruto seems destined to see various deaths with his blue eyes, which is predicted to take everything.

Ironically, what is presented now is arguably still in its early stages or beginnings. The story of Boruto is predicted to be long, which means that it is likely that many more characters are predicted to die. It’s hard to imagine how many characters will die “as a result” of Boruto. In the moment shown at the beginning of the story when Boruto is an adult, Boruto looks different from what we know so far.

Boruto who is lively, carefree, and warm, turns into a cold and terrible figure. This seems to give a signal that Boruto’s attitude might change drastically after he experienced so much suffering where he had to lose the people around him.

Who Else Died?
As mentioned above, there are several characters that are shown to be dead because there is a Boruto figure around them. And it was mentioned above that there will likely be many other characters who will die. Then, who are the characters who might die from Boruto’s blue eyes? One of the characters who are predicted to die is Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke is widely speculated by fans will be the next character to die. This is known from the various clues, which are presented in the story. For example, it is mentioned that what Sasuke has shown so far is very similar to the figure of Jiraiya, who is known to have died in the fight against Pain.

Then, in chapter 69 yesterday Sasuke was shown giving his headband. This seems to be an early sign that Sasuke will die, because in a future moment it is shown how Boruto uses all of Sasuke’s inheritance from swords, robes, and headbands.

Besides Sasuke, Naruto and his family are also widely predicted to die, Hinata and Himawari. For Himawari and Hinata themselves, there is no strong evidence to support this. However, for Naruto himself we can see how Naruto from the beginning of the series was predicted to die.

This is known from Kawaki’s words which said he would send Boruto to where Naruto was, where many fans speculated that what Kawaki meant was to finish off Boruto as well as Naruto who was already dead. We’ll just have to wait, geeks, what will happen next to Boruto and whether there will be other figures who die in the story.