(Boruto) Enemy In A Blanket? Here Are 5 Theories That Amado Is The Real Villain!


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations can be said to have an increasingly exciting storyline in recent times, both in the anime and manga versions. If in the anime version the characters are busy with the presence of Jigen aka Isshiki Otsutsuki , in the manga there are signs of the presence of a new main villain. The figure in question is Amado.

If you follow the Boruto manga , you may already know Amado as a member and super intelligent scientist of the Kara organization who later betrayed and sided with Konoha. Although Amado can be said to have helped Konoha in defeating Isshiki, in the latest few chapters of Boruto he looks very suspicious. In fact, many suspect that Amado is the real villain of Boruto .

Well, below KINCIR will discuss a number of theories that Amado is the real main villain of the Boruto series . Come on, see!

1. Amado Will Make Kawaki Evil
In the 59th chapter of the newly released Boruto manga , there is a moment that can be considered very suspicious from Amado. The reason is, Amado seems to be provoking Kawaki if he is not strong without having the Karma seal that just disappeared after Isshiki died. This was also done by Amado to persuade Kawaki to want to re-implant the Karma seal using the scientist’s technology.

Whether you realize it or not, the moment is like in the original Naruto anime when Orochimaru persuaded Sasuke Uchiha to come with him to become stronger. After that, Sasuke seemed to be on the wrong path and became one of the villains in the Naruto Shippuden anime . So, it’s also possible that Amado will later make Kawaki evil in the Boruto anime .

This also makes sense if you look at the opening scene of Boruto which shows the moment of the fight between Boruto and Kawaki in Konoha which has been destroyed in the future. Because, at that moment Kawaki again had the Karma seal which he probably got from Amado. Then, considering that Boruto is the main character, it’s possible that Kawaki was the villain over Amado’s control at that moment.

2. Amado has a grudge with Konoha
Apart from the fact that Amado had a daughter who died, the past of the scientist is still not clearly revealed, at least until this article was written. However, if you pay attention, it seems that Amado has a past relationship with Konohagakure. This can also be seen from him who immediately sought asylum in Konoha after intending to betray Kara.

It could be, Amado is a “crazy” scientist who was dumped by Konoha long before Naruto served as Hokage because of his dangerous experiments, like Orochimaru. The exile could also be the cause of the death of the Amado girl. This is what then made him a grudge against Konoha.

In addition, Amado’s revenge against Konoha has begun to be seen after he made the village a sanctuary. You see, by taking refuge from Isshiki Otsutsuki there, he has made Naruto and Sasuke as Konoha’s strongest ninja lose their mainstay abilities.

Now, Amado’s presence in Konoha seems to be an ‘invitation’ for Code to come and make the village’s defenses weaker. After that, then he uses Kawaki, who may have implanted the Karma seal to destroy Konoha, as we saw in the opening scene of the anime.

3. Eida is Amado’s child who was used as a weapon by him
In the previous few chapters of the Boruto manga , we were introduced to a female cyborg figure with an attractive appearance named Eida. He is a cyborg created by Amado with the original purpose of defeating Jigen. However, after his existence is considered a threat to Jigen, Eida is ordered to be destroyed despite the fact that she is hidden in Boro’s headquarters.

Eida also has a mysterious power that allows anyone to fall in love with her and then follow her orders. However, in one of the chapters , Eida specifically explains that her mysterious power will have no effect on members of the Otsutsuki clan or their blood families. It could be that the figure of the “blood family” in question is Amado.

This also has little to do with Amado’s daughter, who died 12 years ago. It could be, Eida is a cyborg created by Amado using the body of his dead daughter. Even though Isshiki is now dead, Amado can use Eida for other purposes, including destroying Konoha which is most likely his main goal.

4. Amado Has Access to Alien Technology
Long before Amado appeared, Orochimaru could be called the most intelligent scientist in the Naruto anime universe even though the results of his experiments were indeed quite “crazy”. However, after Amado appeared, Orochimaru seemed to lose compared to the former Kara scientist. Because, Amado’s invention seems more sophisticated, like a cyborg until now the technology he claims can implant the Karma seal .

Of course, it’s a bit strange to see how Amado has a far more sophisticated invention than Orochimaru. One possibility that allows Amado to create such a sophisticated invention is that he has access to an alien technology. Because, almost every invention made by Amado cannot be easily created with modern human technology though.

This is also not impossible considering Amado was a scientist from Jigen aka Isshiki Otsutsuki who is an alien race in the anime universe. So, he could use or maybe steal the alien technology owned by Isshiki. Or maybe, Amado is actually an alien figure himself so that he can create various advanced technologies that are beyond human knowledge.