Borat Review 2: Making America Worse?


Sacha Baron Cohen will wait fourteen years before putting on his Kazakh journalist costume again and tackling American customs again. Except that meanwhile America has changed a lot and so has he, which has direct consequences on this taste of Borat 2.

First of all, it’s important to be honest and explain how difficult it is to give a critical opinion about Borat 2. Dummy documentaries filmed mostly with hidden cameras now look more like filmed political speeches than real cinematographic objects. The trap is twofold: how to give an opinion on a film that is not one and how to avoid your own opinion of Uncle Sam’s country. A balancing act that Sacha Baron Cohen himself decided to give up.

Therefore, we find the former journalist is now at the peak of unpopularity in his country. Fortunately, the election of “MacDonald Trump” will give him the opportunity to redeem himself by offering a gift to Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States and “pump lover”, to restore the image of Kazakhstan. A gift that took the face of Tutar, Borat’s own daughter.

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If Borat, the first of the name, enjoyed himself (and us with him) by successfully getting Americans to say out loud what they think softly, the US has changed a lot and the Puritans, the conspirators, the white supremacists… are hiding no more long. Meanwhile, Borat, famous from the start of his journey, must now disguise himself so as not to be recognized. Therefore, the suite changes its nature compared to its predecessors.

The perception one can have of films also changes as actors seem to direct speech more with their eyes engaged. The editing and wording is disturbingly result-oriented, sure, but sometimes it’s hard to tell where reality ends and where fiction begins. Fortunately for Borat, reality has had enough of itself and offers us the “best” parts of the film. Whether a pastry chef writes an anti-Semitic message on a cake without batting an eye or Borat infiltrates a Republican convention in a Ku Klux Klan uniform without being arrested, there’s enough to say and laugh (yellow) about the situation. Union. In front of or behind the camera, there’s no hiding it: Borat 2 is above all an anti-Trump pamphlet wanting to react.

Borate or Tutar?

The great novelty of this sequel lies in the person of Tutar (amazingly Maria Bakalova), who came to America to follow her father before being sold as a female object to Mike Pence, only to live in a golden cage “like Melania”. “Class” will follow to become the perfect American woman. Between lessons to satisfy old men, debutant balls, makeovers, abortions… the characters allow Borat to enter fully into another of today’s social upheavals: feminism. The female object will even be the main subject of this film and this is where Borat 2 may be loudest and fairest, when he lets Tutar speak.