Boram Tube Dead or Still Alive? This is the fate of Korean little YouTubers


Boram Tube Dead or Still Alive? This is the fate of a young Korean YouTuber /Youtube Boram Tube Vlog/

UTARA TIMES – The news of Boram Tube’s death is still making the public curious.

The public is wondering about the truth of the news that Boram Tube was reported to have died .

Some even wonder whether Boram Tube is dead or still alive .

The news of Boram Tube ‘s death went viral on social media on March 18, 2022, making many people curious.

So is Boram Tube dead or still alive ? Check out the explanation below.

Previously, please note that Tube is a 6 year old girl from South Korea.

He owns the YouTube channel Boram Tube ToysReview which already has many subscribers.

On TikTok’s social media, there is a viral video that allegedly Boram Tube is being molested by his father.

The video shows 2 sides of Boram Tube ‘s life which in front of the camera looks happy but behind the camera looks miserable.

The video, which is allegedly Boram Tube uploaded by the TikTok px**y5 account, has been watched 4.8 million times.

Even the alleged video uploader Boram Tube wrote a narrative that the young YouTuber had experienced violence.

“Boram was abused by his father,” the video narration reads.

Not only that, even foreign media also reported that Korean YouTuber Boram Tube had died .

But when the North Times browsed the Boram Tube ToysReview YouTube channel, there was a new video.

The video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Boram Tube on March 19, 2022 after the news of his death on March 18 yesterday.

  • Little YouTuber Boram’s Death Rumor

Boram Tube is a YouTuber best known for his toy reviews. The Korean YouTuber has amassed millions of fans and thousands of dollars in revenue.
He has two channels, namely Boram Toys Review and Boran Tube. Now, rumors surfaced that Boram had died.

Although some media said, there was no reliable information coming from the family about Boram’s death. On the other hand, many considered the news of the death to be just a hoax.

The news of Boram’s death also gave rise to various other speculations. Including the case of abuse that was allegedly experienced by Boram.

Many netizens are not happy to see Boram carry out the plans designed by his parents on the channel. Including eating food that is considered to be harmful to the child’s health.

Boram’s parents were accused of child abuse several years ago. In addition, there are allegations of exploitation experienced by Boram who was forced to appear in order to gain viewers.

This case was also registered in court. They were upset that Boram was acting pregnant which made them worried that it would have a negative impact on the public and Boram’s mental health. However, this abuse case was never proven.

Boram is said to be pocketing IDR 44 billion every month. Two years ago, he also bought a luxury apartment in the Gangnam area.

  • The Cause of Death of Boram Tube Vlogs Hunted by Netizens, HOAX or Facts News of Boram Tube Dies?

Shocking news from the YouTube entertainment world, a young YouTuber named Boram from South Korea is reported to have died .

Boram Tube”> Boram Tube reportedly died because his father was tortured milling about in cyberspace.

Even the cause of Boram Tube ‘s death “> Boram Tube has become a question for many netizens.

HOAX or facts about Boram Tube”> Boram Tube died ?

Boram is a young YouTuber from South Korea who is now 9 years old.

Boram Tube”> Boram Tube is known as a YouTuber who shows video toy reviews and various videos of Boram ‘s daily life.

Boram ‘s videos are liked by many children, even children in usa.

Two of Boram’s YouTube channels , namely Boram Tube”> Boram Tube ToysReview and Boram Tube”> Boram Tube Vlog, have generated tens of millions of subscribers.