Boca tied up and couldn’t finish celebrating the 117th anniversary of its founding


Boca Juniors were unable to finish celebrating the 117th anniversary of its founding and drew 2-2 with Arsenal de Sarandí on Sunday evening, in a match which coincided with the eighth day of the Professional Football League Cup (LPF).

At the Bombonera and minutes from the celebrations scheduled to commemorate the club’s birth on April 3, 1905, the Xeneize team put on a blurry face and barely matched the enthusiastic team struggling to escape below-average areas.

The team led by Sebastián Battaglia, after two consecutive wins against Estudiantes de La Plata and River Plate (both 1-0), are top of the zone classification, with 15 units, like ‘Pincha’ from La Plata. Entity from Sarandí collected 8 points and put together two draws in a row.

Luis Vázquez (Pt. 34m.) and Marcos Rojo (St. 29m., penalty) scored for the auriazul team. The visitors overcame weakness twice and converted through Sebastián Lomónaco (St. 17m.) and Paraguay’s Cristian Colmán (St. 30m.). In both conquests of Leonardo Madelón’s DT team, goalkeeper Agustín Rossi, the last superclásico figure, had negative participation.

Despite signing up with an alternative team (the coach reserved a starter for his Copa Libertadores debut against Deportivo Cali in Colombia scheduled for this Tuesday), Boca took the initiative and looked for an opening from the start, with Colombia’s Frank Fabra projected, from the left.

But the xeneize group lacks the filmmaking and consistency to translate that intent into a specific domain. What’s more, armed with a delicate set spanning two well-structured four-lines, Sarandí’s men almost opened up an account, with a hasty refusal by Jorge Figal (9m.), who hit Rossi’s left post, when the xeneize keeper had already emerged beaten. .

Boca lacks ideas and courage. With just a targeted attack by Fabra plus a few releases by Salvio, Battaglia’s team produced some harm.

In the 34m. minute, in the only game made by any particular criteria, the local team took the lead, with Luis Vázquez’s shot, which was slapped by goalkeeper Werner, after an interesting maneuver made from the left between Fabra and Villa.

In the second half, with minimal margin on the scoreboard, Boca had no presence in the middle of the field and shyly let their rivals start cheering with a draw chance. And that’s exactly what happened, in the 17th minute, when following a free-kick by Kruspzky the ball hit the post, crossed the entire line without Rossi’s intervention and Lomónaco popped in another area of ​​the area to push it.

People remember the win against River two weeks ago and prepare to celebrate the anniversary. But the team, from the outskirts of the field, pushed more than they produced.

In ball play that was stopped, at about 24m., the decisive participation of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) awarded him a penalty which, in the first instance, referee Leandro Rey Hilfer did not notice. A minor submission by Lucas Suárez on Marcos Rojo was sanctioned with the maximum penalty, after five minutes of review and lobbying.

Rojo’s own execution, strong and moderately high, sealed a 2-1 scoreline for Boca, who looked likely to be on their way to victory. However, a minute later, a center kick launched from the left by Lomónaco was capitalized by the acclaimed Colmán, who slotted his head in before Rossi and Rojo’s targeted hesitation, to make it 2-2.

From then to the end, even with starters on the pitch (Benedetto, Oscar Romero, Juan Ramírez), Boca couldn’t get their individual hierarchy to win and barely bothered Arsenal who were content with equality and letting the minutes pass as quickly as possible.

Boca will play in Liniers next Saturday against Vélez Sarsfield, while Arsenal will receive Godoy Cruz. Both sides are included in the ninth day program.


Boca Juniors: Agustin Rossi; Marcelo Weigandt, Jorge Figal, Marcos Rojo and Frank Fabra; Alan Varela and Esteban Rolón; Eduardo Salvio; Aaron Molinas and Sebastian Villa; Louis Vazquez. DT: Sebastian Battaglia.

Arsenal: Axel Werner; Christian Chimino, Gonzalo Goñi, Lucas Suárez and Damián Pérez; William Machado, Mauro Pittón, Dardo Miloc and Facundo Kruspzky; Sebastian Lomonaco and Alexander Diaz. ST: Leonardo Madelon.

Goals in the first half: 34m. Vazquez (BJ)

Goals in the second half: 17m. Lomonako ; 29m. Red (BJ) from penalty; 30m. colman

Change in the second half: 7m. Cristian Colmán by A. Díaz; 20m. Julian Navas for Machado (A); 33m. Francisco Apaolaza for Lomónaco and Alejo Antilef for Kruspzky; Darío Benedetto for Salvio, Juan Ramírez for Rolón and Oscar Romero for Molinas (BJ)

Ordered: Molinas (BJ) Suarez (A)

cha: Boca Juniors. Referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer.