Bloody Rosario: who was the woman killed with 15 shots in an ambush

Valeria Cecilia Nasca (left), the wife of Jorge Benegas (red circle), a friend of Esteban Alvarado (below).  Next to the capo, his hitman boss Mauricio Laferrara.
Valeria Cecilia Nasca (left), the wife of Jorge Benegas (red circle), a friend of Esteban Alvarado (below). Next to the capo, his hitman boss Mauricio Laferrara.

Valeria Cecilia Nasca45, was riddled with bullets this Sunday in the west zone of Rosario, fatality number 109 of armed violence in Rosario so far in 2023. His history in the underworld could explain his death. The woman had been convicted as a member of the illicit association of Esteban Lindor Alvarado, the drug kingpin who rivals Ariel “Guille” Cantero, leader of Los Monos. Nasca, too, was a partner of Jorge Benegas, a key player in Alvarado’s structure.

In 2021, Nasca accepted his guilt signed an abbreviated judgment for money laundering and accepted a three-year sentence, was a member of the inner circle of the head of the organization. An intelligence report accessed by this medium presented her as a “partner of Jorge Benegas, head of San Ignacio Automotores and guarantor of the rental of the warehouse where it works Santino Logistics”. Everything is connected to each other. Logística Santino, precisely, is Alvarado’s trucking company and his partner, Benegas is one of his friends. Nasca’s cousin, on the other hand, is the current girlfriend of the drug lord.

At the same time, Nasca appears mentioned in the investigation for the kidnapping and murder of the moneylender Lucio Maldonadothe crime that sent Alvarado to jail.

Although the drug trafficker tried to hide it, prosecutors Matías Edery and Luis Schiappa Pietra revealed that Maldonado had permission to drive a truck that was used by NascaBenegas and his ex-wife, Rosa Natalí Capuano.

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The crime scene of Valeria Nasca, Rosario's 109th victim so far this year
The crime scene of Valeria Nasca, Rosario’s 109th victim so far this year

In the money laundering trial against him, Nasca proved his solvency before the Justice showing a salary receipt from the National University of Rosario, where he worked -according to the records- from 1998 to 2021. Since then, he seems to have dedicated himself to the activity in which he registered with the AFIP: the sale of cars, trucks and utility vehicles. Also, to deepen his bond with the capo’s family.

He was, together with his partner, the owner of a property in which Capuano lived. Both were at the same time owners of a Mercedes Benz truck from Logística Santinothe transport company that unites Alvarado with his ex.

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a short time ago, the couple had celebrated their daughter’s 15th birthday in Campos de Ibarlucea. The coincidence is disturbing: it is the same room where some 300 guests arrived at the wedding of two drug traffickers held in January 2022 that ended with the triple crime of a family.

Valeria Cecilia Nasca, murdered in Rosario
Valeria Cecilia Nasca, murdered in Rosario

A “merchant” by profession, Nasca established Valmarc Transportes SRL in January 2022 -a company dedicated to the transport of cargo- together with a man who was mentioned by Carlos Argüelles, the protected witness murdered by hitmen in September 2021.

Precisely, she was murdered at the same address denounced by the firm. Inside the shed, this Sunday at noon, Nasca was waiting with her husband for a sale for a trailer that they had agreed to on Facebook. According to what Benegas himself told the police, the doorbell rang. His wife answered. Then she heard the shots.

The woman is the third person from Alvarado’s environment to be murdered: on April 16, 2021, they riddled Nicolas “Fino” Ocampothen it was the turn of Argüelles, the mechanic who prepared the cars for the drug organization.

Nasca came to speak to the hitmen before being executed with fifteen shots this Sunday morning at the door of a shed located in Liniers at 2600, in the west zone. The woman was ambushed in the middle of a hoax: she had agreed to sell a trailer through Marketplace, but a gunman arrived in a gray Ford Focus instead of the buyer.

“No no”, Nasca managed to say to the hit man when he opened the door of the shed. A few meters from her was her husband Benegas, also sentenced in October 2021 as a member of the Alvarado gang (5 years), and for prosecutors Matías Edery and Luis Schiappa Pietra, “the right hand” of the drug boss who is currently detained in Ezeiza.

What followed was a series of shots that killed him on the spot. forensic experts They seized 15 9 mm caliber pods.

Jorge Benegas (red circle), friend of Esteban Alvarado (below).  Next to the capo, his hitman boss Mauricio Laferrara.
Jorge Benegas (red circle), friend of Esteban Alvarado (below). Next to the capo, his hitman boss Mauricio Laferrara.

In the incipient investigation carried out by the Intentional Homicide prosecutor Marisol Fabbro it is not clear which sector of the underworld the attack came from. Some investigators suggested that it could have been committed by both a Los Monos cell and Alvarado’s own structure, due to differences in money.

Due to the implications of the murder, from Sunday afternoon until noon this Monday, a police operation in the vicinity of the Copeto garage, located in Corrientes at 1800, in the Abasto neighborhood, where the body was watched over.

The gray Ford Focus was found by the Radioelectric Command in Lieutenant Agneta at 2100 with a letter of the modified patent: they placed insulating tape in an L to make it look like an I. In that vehicle, which had an arrest warrant for theft, according to sources from the cause, the experts raised three possible fingerprints.

By order of prosecutor Fabbro, the Homicide Division of the Criminal Investigation Agency has already taken testimonies and relieved security cameras.

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