BLACKPINK’s Rose Becomes the Main Star at YSL Paris Fashion Week


BLACKPINK ‘s Rose was in Paris for the YSL show at Paris Fashion Week and her stunning visuals captivated fans around the world.

Rose Escorted By The Entire Team To A YSL Show At Paris Fashion Week. That proves that he’s an important guest on the show

In her simple black mini dress and classic high heels, Rose’s beauty shines as she greets her fans with a smile.

BLACKPINK ‘s Rose was beautiful from all angles and the reporters and photographers didn’t forget to interview and capture her photo during the event.

Rose on the show was escorted by Emmanuel Tomasini, VIP Director of WW Saint Laurent, and his close friendship with him over the years proves that he is an important ambassador for YSL .

But what really stood out apart from the visuals were her arrivals and departures from YSL ‘s Paris Fashion Week events .

The screams of the crowd calling her name made Rose the main character of the show.

Escorted by ten guards and several photographers, all attention was on BLACKPINK ‘s main vocal.